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On An Airplane

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Not the best photos in the world, but I really liked this outfit. It’s what I wore Thanksgiving day on my way to the airport to reunite with my fam.

Lazy Tuesday


It took me until 3pm to get showered & dressed today. It feels like I’ve been hit by a ton of bricks. Seriously, could I be more lazy? Oh yeah, I could’ve not fed & clothed the kids.

  • scarf: New York, c/o Shop at Home
  • sweater: Lands End, gift
  • top: Walmart, $5
  • jeans: Ross, $15?
  • shoes: thrifted, $5

TOTAL: $25

Fun fact: this was shot at 3200 ISO, f3.3, 1/125. I really love having a camera that can handle these truly dark & grey days.

Another Sewing Summit Outfit


I wore this ensemble the last day of Sewing Summit. It was super comfortable with a dash of dressy.

  • top: Forever 21, $15
  • cardigan: thrifted, $4
  • necklace: gift from Nikki with a couple extra charms from Vintage Oddity.
  • skirt: thrifted + refashioned, $4
  • shoes: Ross, $16

TOTAL: $39

Howdy Handmade


  • hairclip: garage sale, 10¢
  • earrings: gift, Erin
  • cardigan: boutique in Provo, $15
  • belt: thrifted, $1.50
  • cuff: handmade
  • top: thrifted & refashioned, $2
  • jeans: Walmart & refashioned, $12
  • boots: swapped with Sarah

TOTAL: $30.50

Refashioned & Thrifted Granny Top


TOTAL: $24


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