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I’m over at Speckless sharing a visual list (not exhaustive by any means) of what makes me happy. Click here to see the full list.

I Bet You Can’t Eat Just One


Rhodes Rolls asked me to bake up something using their rolls from a recipe of theirs (or my own) & share it on their blog. I love Rhodes rolls, so I was happy to oblige! Rhodes are my saving grace since I can’t make bread to save my life. Since I’ve blogged (and made) my favorite sticky buns before, I thought I’d try a new sweet bread. Rhodes’s Lemon Pull-Apart recipe is absolutely fantastic & super simple. I whipped it up in no time & it makes for the perfect sweet roll for spring.

I ate half the pan of rolls, I kid you not. They’re so delicious and worlds better than orange rolls, in my opinion. Click here to see the recipe with step by step photos & instructions. Thanks, Rhodes for having me on your blog today!

Featured! Penelope Pearl’s Wardrobe


Penelope’s wardrobe was featured on little. lovely. today! I had a lot of fun dressing up Penelope & trying to get her to pose for the camera. The above photos are probably my favorite. Check out the rest of Penelope’s outfits here.

Reason #5,983,405 Why I LOVE WordPress


Chris likes to send me emails of things I should do. Redesign his banner, join an affiliate program, learn about seo. . . Two days ago it was to get the WPtouch plugin.

I would like to announce that IS•LY now has an iPhone, iTouch, mobile device-friendly site! Now when you’re crafting up a storm and don’t want to look up a tutorial on your bulky home computer, whip out your trusty mobile and search my tutorials with ease! Whooppee!

wptouch demo

This awesome plugin even came complete with your own button template for custom buttons! Nothing makes me happier than making custom buttons ;) . Anyway, if you have a wordpress site, I strongly urge you to give it a try. If you’re not sure if it will look right, download the iphoney application for easy testing.

Artists of Note Guest Post



Pictured Above: Sketchbook Illustration, Core Knowledge Illustration (ink/digital), Wall Street Journal Illustration (digital)

I’m so excited to introduce you to some creative people I know. I feel like their work really speaks for itself, and hope you enjoy. . .

To view the full post, click over to Black Eiffel.

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