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Sewing Harem Pants – Out of My Comfort Zone


Confidence is key when wearing anything beyond just jeans and a tee. That confidence has waxed and waned in the last few years. But mostly waned.


I also have ridiculous fit and texture sensitivities which makes branching out into atypical silhouettes really hard for me. But I really want to give harem pants a try. And I did this week. I’m still deciding if I love or hate them.


I guess they’re growing on me. I’ve worn them mostly all day. At least the fabric is awesome.

Like super awesome. I wish I had made these in the thick of summer when it was super hot. I got this fabric in LA’s fabric district. There’s a black/pink colorway version available here.


I nearly asked Chris, “Do these pants make my butt look fat?” before realizing it’s a question that should never be asked. By anyone. Ever.


There’s a disconnect between how I feel they look and what I see in the mirror (and these photos). And I want to get over that disconnect and feel confident in them all the time.

Do you have any pieces in your closet like that?


Outfit details:

Click to read more about the sewing process (warts and all. I mean all warts).


Sewing: Versatile and Easy Maxi Skirt


I had just enough fabric left over (You can find this print here! WOOHOO!) from my shifty stripe dress, I decided to make a maxi skirt. It’s a simple gathered, covered elastic waist banded skirt with two seams (one up the side and one for the waist). I lined it, which effectively makes it reversible. I haven’t worn it reversed yet, though.


I did make a mistake when I sewed it. I sewed it sans slit, thinking the gathers would make the opening at the bottom big enough. Not so!

Since lining it with chiffon, I was effectively wearing an oven on my lower-half. This issue was a simple fix, but it did require unpicking a serged seam (not fun). I figured out an easy and relatively painless way to unpick a serged hem. It took no time at all once I figured this out.


Turn the seam wrong side out, and orient yourself with the top side (the side that looks like above) and unpick the two (or one if you’ve got a 3-thread surged seam) horizontal threads just about every fourth or fifth stitch. Once you’ve done that on the desired seam, pull at the loops and your seam comes apart flawlessly.


The slit makes a huge difference in comfort and functionality.


Outfit details:

  • sunglasses: lulu’s
  • necklace: beehive bazaar (can’t remember vendor’s name)
  • silver bracelet: handmade by my dad
  • bangle: gift from Chris
  • top: thrifted, refashioned
  • skirt: handmade
  • shoes: thrifted
  • sweater: H&M
  • belt: thrifted


I love the way this skirt moves when I walk. So flowy!


Because of the simple construction and the elastic waistband, I can hike it all the way up for a bandeau midi-dress. Just add a sweater and belt and I’m good to go.


The new slit goes a little too high when I wear it as a bandeau, but that’s nothing a little slip wouldn’t fix.


I’m still so obsessed with this print and the feel of the fabric. I know this maxi skirt will serve me well in the upcoming fall and winter months.

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