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Thrifty: Stealing from Chris’s Closet


A few years ago I was at Forever 21 looking for a jacket, when I stumbled across the menswear section & spied this ugly sweater. It was $3. And just the right size for Chris’s, then 180lb., frame. He never liked it much, but he did wear it a lot to shovel the snow or do other misc housework. It didn’t make the cut for his wardrobe like I thought it would, but heck, it was so cheap. I was glad to see him get even a little use out of it.

Then. . . Chris gained over 30lbs. It seemed like it was over night. I was sad to see his wardrobe go. This was about the time when I was pregnant with Felix, so I stole a few of his awesome too-small-for-mr-muscles sweaters & put them in my wardrobe. This sweater was perfect for sporting the baby bump. Now that I no longer have the bump, I just zipped along the sides with my sewing machine & took in the sweater about 3 inches on each side. Now I have a comfy, sort of ugly, sort of cool sweater to wear when it’s just a bit nippy in the studio. For practically free.

I’ve been avoiding thrift shops lately (no energy to do grocery shopping, let alone thrift), so I ask you. . . What have you scored on the cheap lately? Do you steal from your significant other’s closet? Share in the comments below!

Outfit Details: 
  • earrings: Miss Malaprop (from Alt)
  • top: Forever 21, refashioned
  • bracelet: handmade
  • skinnies: Forever 21
  • shoes: Seychelles, Amazon
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