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Refashion: Polka Dot Shirt


I’m starting to feel better about my sewing with a few successful projects under my belt these days.

Laura sent me this awesome navy polka dot top that needed a slight fit adjustment. It’s made of some sort of polyester knit fabric so it was a little bit slippery, but not as mischievous as the last one.

I didn’t have to take in the shoulders, it just needed shorter sleeves and a narrower bodice. I took it in by about 2 inches on each side, and cut off about 3 inches of sleeve. It’s a fantastic staple shirt that will go well with cardigans this winter, or with flowy skirts this summer.

I love the little keyhole in the back.

I’m pretty excited to party in my new shirt, can you tell?

Outfit details:

  • earrings: etsy
  • top: Laura, refashioned
  • necklace: Forever 21
  • belt: grandma’s hand-me-down
  • pants: Ross
  • boots: thrifted


Refashion Class at Summit


This is essentially what I wore in my refashioning class at Sewing Summit. I wore different shoes, though. I just couldn’t find the other pair when I got around to taking this photo. I really need to unpack from last weekend.

  • top: thrifted & refashioned, $4
  • belt: thrifted, $1
  • skirt: thrifted & refashioned, $6
  • shoes: Aldo, $65 (the ones I wore to summit were $4 Nine West wedges)

TOTAL: $76 ($15 at Summit)

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