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Sewing Summit Business Cards


If I didn’t go to such great lengths to make business cards, I’m not sure I would know what to do with all that extra time. Sleep perhaps?


I’m pretty excited about this year’s sewing summit card. It’s simple, but (in my opinion) thoughtful and geared specifically towards my sewing peeps.

The card itself is exactly the same as my previous cards (see here), but I’ve included two iron-on transfers for tagless reminders of which side is which for hand-sewn clothes.

These little transfers may not look like much, but I poured a lot of thought over what to include here. I wanted a nod to my site and branding, but not so much that I’m branding other people’s handmade creations for them. I also needed a small tag-like design that would cut and weed easily. The heart took very little time to weed (when you remove the negative space from the transfer material), but the ISLY took a little more time since I had 4 loops that needed to be cleared 150 times.


I originally planned to make a decal that said “handmade”, but it was too long. “By hand” was still a little too long and ornate to cut and weed 150 times.

ISLY /iz•lee/ is short for “I Still Love You”. We use the term around our house to express love. It has also become my declaration to my creative passions. It’s hard to find a balance between real life and creative pursuits, but that mantra is a reminder that I’ll always make time for them, even if it’s not as much as I’d like. I’m a firm believer that it’s human nature to create. Since I’ll be hanging with like-minded women, I thought it fitting to include my little mantra on a tag.

I designed the ISLY decal to have nods to my current branding, but different. I don’t want recipients to think they are applying a brand to the insides of their handmade creations. I want it to be a mantra or a mindset that can speak to other’s creativity as well.

Calling All Designers


In a few short months I will be teaching a design workshop for sewing bloggers at the oh-so-fantastic Sewing Summit.

In the workshop I will be discussing the DOs and DON’Ts of blog design and layout. I will also be discussing the importance of good design with a blog and help attendees figure out how they can achieve a great design on any budget.

Some bloggers may only need a header, while others might want the whole shebang. I would love to give attendees a design recommendation list complete with contact emails, URLs and pricing for small scale and large scale projects. Some attendees may be looking for more product and packaging designs, as many attendees are small shop owners, so that information would be great, too.

If you’re interested in offering your services as a designer, please fill out the form below. Let’s connect fantastic sewists with great designers to make the web a more inspiring place.

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