I Still Love Sack Lunches


For my “Handmade Christmas” last year, I made my brother a lunch bag. Just after completing Jake’s lunch sack, I saw a similar lunch bag in a Pottery Barn Catalog which inspired me to make the changes in my most recent lunch sack attempt. I took photos all along the way, and am in the process of putting out a tutorial. Click here for instructions.

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    1. Nicia says:

      I would love to see how it is made! I love trying to do new projects…especially yours, because you make everything look so dang cute!

    2. Julia says:

      I think it’s darling, and I’d love to make one! I make lunches for Ben and I every day, so that would be a lot of fun. I don’t know if I’m as skilled as you, though. :)

    3. Brooke says:

      I would love to see how you made it. I’ve always had a fondness for brown paper bags. This is so much better!

    4. Maegan says:

      Ooo, yes, I would love to see a tutorial!

    5. I am totally in if you make a tutorial!

      Thanks a bunch!

    6. Angie says:

      Me me me me! I do! (raising hand higher than everyone else.)

    7. Nancy says:

      Yeah! That would be fun. Sounds like a lot of work, though. So don’t do it just for me. :)

    8. Celina says:

      YES! I want to see, I LOVE the one you made for your brother!

    9. […] Thank you so much to all of you who have left comments and have shown interest in the tutorial. It really makes my efforts seem […]

    10. Roberta says:

      I would love to see the Tutorial!

    11. Claudia says:

      I falling in love Thaís bag lunch, coupé you sendo me a download? Thanks

    12. Claudia says:

      I falling in love this bag. Could you send me a download? Thanks.

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