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Thrifty: Floral Jersey


I found this floral jersey some time ago, perhaps about a year ago, for about 50¢ a yard (a major steal), but I hadn’t made anything until just recently.

I wanted to make some progress on my project run and play outfits, but my fabric wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Monday (it came today, yay!). So I prototyped one of the many pieces I’m making for the competition in this fabric. Unfortunately for Penelope, the pattern was much to small for her. Fortunately for our little neighbor, it fit her perfectly. I just adore how it turned out on her!

I added pintuck detailing in the back and a high-low hemline to the bottom. It looks so sweet on her (especially with those super hip purple skinnies).

She was such a cute little model, but a little bit more camera shy than Penelope. I think my camera might have traumatized her a bit, the poor girl. But I was able to snap enough pictures of the detail of the shirt, you get the jist. Now I need to make one for Penelope. Then maybe one for me. I think it turned out too darn cute.

I also broke out the twin needles for this project. I’m not sure I’ll be going back when it comes to using knits! I found out about the glories of twin needles from Make it and Love it. Do you use twin needles? Have you ever? It’s so easy, but you’ll feel so professional.

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