Maternity Skirt + Tutorial


I’m practically fresh out of Sunday clothes. Nothing fits! I borrowed most of my maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Penelope (best thing ever, btw), so this time around I don’t have the same wardrobe to work with. It’s good & bad. Now I only have two maternity dresses & no maternity skirts, oh and Chris hates one of the dresses.

This pretty much brings back stressful memories of getting ready for church as a child where I literally had nothing to wear besides what I wore the week prior. But don’t think I had a deprived childhood. I was just terribly picky with clothes. Still am.

I have about 7 yards of this vintage jersey knit material that I’ve been meaning to make something out of and a maternity skirt seemed to fit the bill.

When it comes to maternity fashion, my philosophy is: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Show off that belly bump, don’t hide it under yards & yards of fabric. When I try on flowy maternity skirts, I feel like they make me look 15 lbs heavier & 6 inches shorter, so I like the more fitted approach. I definitely use this when it comes to pants: HELLO JEGGINGS! You are my fave.

Outfit Details:

  • headband – Forever 21
  • jacket – thrifted
  • top – Forever 21
  • skirt – handmade
  • tights – Legxicon – c/o lexicon
  • shoes – Aldo

So here we are. I now have 3 dressy maternity items in my closet. The skirt took me 2 or so hours to make, watching Friday Night Lights while sewing really slows down my process. It was a very easy skirt to make, I’m sure if I did it again, it’d take me less than 15 minutes. You want to know the best part about making this skirt? I didn’t have to hem anything. It was pretty remarkable.

Click on the button above to download the tutorial. This tutorial is free for personal use and should not be distributed without my consent. If you would like to use this tutorial for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!

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    1. Callie says:

      it seems everyone i’m following I find out is pregnant too lol. I’m 29 1/2 weeks

    2. Cute! I am surprised it only slowed you down to 2 hours, Tim Riggins would keep me from ever pulling out the sewing machine. I am such a sucker for the ridiculously good looking, troubled lost puppy. haha.

    3. Sarah Louise says:

      That is super adorable (and is something I will be adding to my arsenal for use in the future)! I love your downloadable tutorials too! They’re so clean and professional looking!

    4. I love the outfit!!!
      You look like a hip Mama :)
      I agree with flaunting what you’ve got.

    5. amanda says:

      Work it, girl!! I so agree and am totally down with flaunting the belly. I feel bad for people who had babies in the 90s and had to wear circus tents. Awesome tutorial – such a perfect way to bypass the problem of making the waist fit properly (and worrying about bare belly peeking out at church!).

    6. summer says:

      you are so cute! i agree, thank goodness for jeggings. they keep sun dresses in rotation. great job on the skirt!

    7. Tiffany says:

      Okay, I was 99% sure you were my new favorite blog…then you go and mention Friday Night Lights? Hello fantasy best friend. Cute headand, too!

    8. Shaela says:

      you are so cute!! I always wore fitted maternity stuff when I was pregnant – the two times I was expecting were some of the only months I felt completely beautiful in my life, and I wanted to show off my bump :)

    9. Destri says:

      Man, you make pregnancy look good!
      You look beautiful dear. Am not sure I could ever pull it off!

    10. Laura says:

      Super cute!! A little bit rock & roll… I dig it!

    11. Tiffany says:

      er, headband. Way to look careless on my first-ever post!

    12. Jenn says:

      Oooh, love your outfit Melissa, especially your top! And I know the feeling of running out of church clothes. At thirty-some weeks, I would get so depressed trying to get dressed Sunday mornings. One time, I resorted to wearing a skirt as a top because nothing else fit around my ginormous belly (not exaggerating — my first was 9 lbs 11 oz).

    13. Reez says:

      Such a stylish mom! May I just say that I kinda miss the “posing wall” from your old place :)

    14. Legxicon says:

      We like the outfit too.

    15. jen says:

      I love finding easy and cute maternity tutorials, thanks Melissa! p.s. I was sad I didn’t see you at Alt this year, maybe next.

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