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On An Airplane

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Not the best photos in the world, but I really liked this outfit. It’s what I wore Thanksgiving day on my way to the airport to reunite with my fam.

Refashioned Summer Outfit


This is totally a spring/summer top, but I can’t help myself.

  • Top: thrifted & refashioned, $4
  • skirt: ModBod, c/o ModBod
  • shoes: Uptown Cheapskate, $30

TOTAL: $34

Crazy Mixed Outfit

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This outfit is kinda nuts. I’ve got a bunch of things going on all at once: the crop top, a skirt, leggings, mixed prints & white after Labor day. Call me a rebel. I just wanted to wear something fun today.

  • crop: thrifted + refashioned, $4
  • dress: Stewart + Brown, won from a giveaway
  • leggings: Target, $3
  • necklace: handmade, $1
  • moccasins: thrifted, $6

TOTAL: $14

Refashioned & Thrifted Granny Top


TOTAL: $24


A Wedding


It was my brother-in-law’s wedding yesterday. His wife chose the easiest colors for us to coordinate with: steel blue & olive green.

  • earrings: gift
  • necklace: handmade
  • top: Ruche, $40
  • skirt: ModBod, c/o ModBod
  • shoes: thrifted DV, $4

TOTAL: $44

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