Happy Birthday!


Not only do I turn a quarter century today, but this blog turns the big T-W-O!

It’s going to be a good day. I can feel it. To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway! YUP. Another blank journal giveaway for those that you didn’t win last time.


SHAMELESS PLUG: Don’t want to take your chances winning a book? Why don’t you learn how to make one? Take my bookbinding class this weekend! Click here to sign up.

Please follow the guidelines below for entry:

  • Please comment on this post. Click on the this permalink or the title above to comment.
  • Any comment will do. If you can’t think of what to say, answer one of these questions: What is your favorite blog post? What would you like to see more of?
  • Comment before 11:59pm MST Monday, November 9, 2009.
  • Please tell family and friends about it (not required, but very nice). Tweet, Facebook, text, or write a good old fashion letter to someone.
  • One comment per person only.
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    1. brandi says:

      well, put my name in the hat! maybe someday i’ll win one of your beautifully handcrafted prizes.

    2. Kare says:

      Love this journal. :)

    3. Leslie says:

      I want, I want,…

    4. Melanie says:

      Just found your blog and love it. I’ve never had an interest in sewing, but after seeing all of your great projects, I’m inspired to learn. Too bad I’m on the other side of the country and can’t take the bookbinding class; I would love it!

    5. Carolyn says:

      Happy birthday!! Cool journal!

    6. happy happy birthday! cool giveaway :)

    7. Sarah says:

      Happy Birthday! I wish I wasn’t working this weekend – I would be at that class in a heartbeat.

    8. Amanda says:

      How cute! I would love it!

    9. CarrieO says:

      So wish I could take your class this weekend! Have a happy day!

    10. stacy says:

      congrats! i love reading your blog the only thing i want to see is more posts!

    11. Ashley says:

      I want that

    12. Lillian says:

      Happy Birthday! You’re amazing!

    13. Ashley says:

      I like that. You’re so talented.

    14. Jill says:

      Happy birthday to you and your lovely blog!

    15. Deb says:

      Happy Birthday!!

    16. leni says:

      happy birthday to you and your blog!

    17. Heather says:

      Happy Birthday Melissa!

    18. marissa says:

      happy birthday to you and your blog! both of you are inspiring and beautiful, but one definitely more than the other. :)

    19. annie says:

      happy birthday to blog and blogger! i’m working hard to find a baby sitter so i can sign up for your class…if only the flu wasn’t decommissioning my go-to people!

    20. C Barrette says:

      Oh so pretty!! Happy Birthday!

    21. Becky says:

      Come on lucky, lucky white horse. This journal is adorable.

    22. Erin says:

      happy birthday to you and ISLY!! i did not realize you were five years younger than me… i am suddenly feeling a little old.

    23. Cole says:


      Is my most favorite (recent) post. I turned a pretty blue, too small dress into a really cute comfy skirt, thanks! :)

    24. Deanna says:

      Happy Birthday Melissa! Thanks for sharing your incredible, crafty talents with us!

    25. Christine says:

      happy birthday!! now send me that book!!

    26. Jennie says:

      Happy birthday! :) What a nice way to celebrate. ;)

    27. L says:

      To one of the most creative and wonderful people ever!

    28. thanks for the giveaway! Happy birthday :-)

    29. Casey says:

      what a lovely giveaway! count me in!

      p.s. i found your blog through cafe johnsonia :)

    30. Heather says:

      Happy B-day! I like the sewing projects, and the fashion posts. Keep it up!

    31. Anna says:

      I am in desperate need of a new idea/inspiration journal. This would be perfect :)

    32. Shanna says:

      Happy Birthday Melissa!

    33. Kelsie Rae says:

      yeaaaa! happy birthday!!! fashion is my favorite!

    34. Nancy says:

      Love the blog. Love the book. Hope I win!

    35. Chelsie says:

      Love your blog! I would love to take your class this weekend, but we are already over-flowing with plans! Hopefully you’ll do another one soon.

    36. Celeste says:

      I love all the your blog and your DYI tutorials. I’d love to win.

    37. Shari says:

      I love your fashion remakes and I love the “look” of your blog. Thank you!

    38. 38! I’m number 38. COME ON 38!!
      -Carrie K

    39. Amanda says:

      I’ve admired your work from afar (virtually and physically in Rochester, NY). You’ve got some mad talent and I’d love to have one of your books! Chris and I are friends from freshman year, but we’ve (you and I) never had the chance to meet. Anyway, tell Chris “hi” for me. I love to see your little fam on here every now and then.

    40. Chacoy says:

      Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Melissa & IS*LY Happy Birthday to you!!!! You would be so glad that I am texting this and not singing:)
      Hope your day was special:)

    41. tawnya says:

      I love journals!

    42. Taryn says:

      Happy Birthday!!

      I’d love to see more DIY projects for inspiration! I love the posts about transforming simple clothes into something spectacular! The ruffled shirt idea is one of my faves! I also loooove the little box templates! I’ve made several of the cupcake boxes and filled them with treats to give away. Thank you!!

    43. Erica says:

      Happy Birthday!! You have the cutest ideas!! Thanks for sharing.

    44. Julie R says:

      What a beauty of a journal! Happy Birthday to you AND IS*LY!

    45. ikkinlala says:

      Happy (belated) birthday!

    46. * TONYA * says:

      HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to an absolutely fabulous lady. Mwah.

    47. Rachael says:

      Yay! happy Birthday to you! x

    48. Jenn says:

      Happy belated birthday, my YOUNG friend! xo, Jenn

    49. leni says:

      I’m on a mission to create the Ultimate Happy Playlist. Please help me out by letting me know what song instantly makes you happy when you hear it!


    50. Melissa says:

      Happy birthday and anniversary!!!

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