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This post is brought to you by Tai Pan Trading.

One of my blogging friends, Jenni, always has rad giveaways. She works for Tai Pan Trading, a Utah-based wholesale home decor store (which has the awesomest stuff, btw) so she frequently features new items in stock & gives them away. Two weeks ago I won one of her giveaways & scored this incredibly sweet bow bag:

My old purse was starting to look really ratty when I won this purse; the timing couldn’t have been better.

I love how small this purse is while still fitting everything I need: wallet, keys, phone, business cards, pens, usb drive & poopy clutch. I also love that it has two detachable handles, a drop handle & a messenger bag-style handle. The messenger bag handle is perfect while riding my bike & wrangling Penelope. This purse normally retails for about $29.99. Not bad, right? I’m used to spending about $30 (give or take) for a purse. What about you?

Head over to your local Tai Pan Trading to drool over and buy their many wonderful purses. If you’re not near one (sucks to be you), you might want to try these alternates online:

Bow Bags

Watermelon Bags

Let me know if you find any other bags on the internets that are worth adding to the list!

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    1. Emily J says:

      This is my favorite color (I would call it coral)! Plus, I’m so into bows right now. Skirts, dresses, bags, headbands- They all look better with bows! Thanks for the giveaway!

    2. I’m going into my sophomore year of high school, and I want to dress better this year. Last year I wore nothing but casual stuff, Jeans and a T-shirt. I’ve decided to get a new look by chopping off my hair (which I’m super proud of, if you want to see the transformation go to ) I donated my hair to locks of love, my hair was so long and thick they made two wigs out of it. In order to get new outfits, I’ve been taking on a ton of babysitting jobs. I’ve bought some new pieces, but what I really need is a cute purse, THIS purse. It will work with all of my outfits, and it’s got just the right amount of feminine touches for my style. I also love the color and the big bow.

    3. Jenny Bolech says:

      I’m now following Jenni’s blog – yay! I’d love to win this because I love having a pop of color, plus it’s such a fun flirty bag (and i think it would hold all my stuff!)

    4. Jodie says:

      I have been carrying the same old yellow purse for a sweet forever [four years, at least] so I NEED this purse. Plus it would look awesome on me! I just did my colors, and guess what, RED loves me! :) Ooooh, please pick me! I’m just beggin’ ya! I will definitely head over and follow Jenni’s blog too. Thanks for this SWEET giveaway! :) PICK ME!

    5. Kathryn says:

      I’d love this bag because I am lacking in the color department. I’d love to add that amazing color to my summer clothes!

    6. jen says:

      i would love a new fun purse! my wardrobe needs a serious pick me up, and this would certainly do the trick!

    7. That bag is completely adorable. I love the fun funky color and the feminine bow. The lining is even cute.

    8. Rachael says:

      Awesome! I need a new bag to go with the “I’m a young, fun, creative professional” look that goes with my new job (I’m an elementary school librarian). Well…the look I’m trying to pull off at least. Plus my little sister who is about the most fashionable person I know told me she wants it.

    9. Dana says:

      Love the purse, color and the bow. I think it is almost perfect for Summer wear and would go with a lot of my outfits. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    10. Joelle says:

      I’d love to have this adorable bag because I’m a mommy with 3 little kids — twin girls who are 2 and their brother who is a mere 20 months younger. Life is wonderful and I wouldn’t change a thing but I haven’t had much time to keep my look “current” and this bag could give me the kick I need! Its beautiful!

    11. Jenny says:

      This is such a beautiful bag! I love that it’s just the right amount of color with any outfit! I’d love to have this bag! :)

    12. Cristal says:

      What a great looking bag! I especially love the peacock print and that it has a long detachable handle. I’m moving to NY in the fall and would love to have a new bag with such versatility for when I’m shopping around. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    13. Cristal says:

      I really like this bag and I’m so glad you’re giving one away! It looks like the perfect size for the essentials and of course, I love the bow and the watermelon color!

    14. Katie says:

      aaaaaah, I’ve been looking for a bow purse for the longest and this is the perfect one! i’d love to add this to my summer wardrobe — and even for the fall!

    15. Taylor says:

      I LOVE this bag. I truly believe every girl/woman needs articles of clothing/ accessories that just make you feel girly and pretty. This bag embraces that idea. I love how it stands out, truly could make an outfit but in the same breath be the perfect go-to bag for any fun and flirty girl.

    16. Tanya says:

      I love this bag (like everyone else here :))! I have a bag with the same color and same size and I use it daily. Which unfortunately means that it’s worn down and is falling apart. This would be the perfect replacement – especially with that bow! Here’s to hoping!

    17. Taylor says:

      Oh my goodness gracious! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am so in love with it and that purse it to DIE for! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bag and I might need to go buy it if I don’t win! Thanks for the amazing giveaway and inspiration!
      Taylor *fingers criss-crossed!*

    18. Jane says:

      This is the cutest bag! I’ve been looking to update my bag – my other purse is worn out and needs to be replaced. I’d love love love to win this!

    19. Julie says:

      I mean the color is perfect so summery! But the bow is the best part of it! It makes me smile! I mean no matter the season, the day, the hour, this bag would make me happy! That simple!

    20. stephchows says:

      This would totally kick up my routine of always wearing a brown bag… the color is amazing!

    21. Jenifer says:

      I love this purse! I’d love to win this because 1.) I’ve had your blog in my tab folder for months now and I’ve been introducing my friends to it since day one- and it’d be incredibly cool to tell them that Melissa Esplin herself sent it <3 and 2.) I live in the middle of Oklahoma, this store doesn't exist for me!

      Anywho, I really appreciate you sharing all your thrifty finds and alterations miracles! They've been really inspiring!

    22. Joel says:

      My girlfriend sent me a link to this so I’m pretty sure she wants me to win this for her! Hopefully I do. It’d be a great gift and I already know she loves this.

    23. Viola says:

      I just recently found your blog and love it! It’s so great how you find thrifty things and refashion them to fit your style! I really love this purse too! It’s perfect, and like you, I’d use it as a replacement for my old one, and i love that it’s versatile enough for when taking care of kids or just going out on your own! please pick me!

    24. Courtney says:

      I’m in desperate need of a new summer bag and this is perfect! So cute, I’m in love!

    25. cindy says:

      I love this color and the bow detail on this bag. Thanks for the giveaway.

    26. Manon says:

      I LOVE the Color SoOsSoO MUCH! and the purse is so Fun and cute!
      <3 it!

    27. Ashley says:

      I’m in LOVE with this Purse, it is so Cute!
      The bow and the color make it.

    28. Marissa says:

      I wear too much black, I do. But if I won this purse, I could spruce up any of my all-black outfits and really stand out in a crowd. Plus, this purse colour is just gorgeous!

    29. Brooke says:

      I love the color!

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