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TUTORIAL: Flat Gathered Elastic Skirt


I’ve been meaning to post this tutorial for some time, I figure late is better than never. Nearly 3 years ago, I refashioned a muu muu into an elastic waist skirt. I liked it just fine, but I felt like it poufed out at the waist a little too much for me. I never wore it and eventually donated it to DI; from whence it came. I figure I’m not the only one who’s picky about the volume in clothing around my midsection. I don’t like feeling 3 times larger than I am. Do you?

Since that refashion failure, I’ve figured out my own little method that I have yet to share with you. I used it with my 2-second ruffle skirt, my housedress refashion and the skirt I made for Alt (which I still need to share) with great success. A few people have asked what my technique is, so I’m here to share it with you.

Again, I’m tooting a tutorial horn that’s been tooted MANY, MANY times before in many different ways. Check out the end of the tutorial for a list of my favorites. The reason why I’m posting my own version is to share my techniques for sewing the skirt and attaching the waistband. The way I attach my skirt reduces a lot of the mid-section bulk that you get with a typical handmade gathered skirt. I do hope you enjoy. Check out the tutorial after the jump.




It’s so cold in my studio these days (the glories of an unfinished basement). These fingerless gloves have saved me.

  • coat: Forever 21
  • top: Anthropologie
  • necklace: Cambria Cove (Blogher ’10)
  • gloves: ASOS
  • denim: PacSun (I promise I don’t wear them everyday)
  • shoes: Amazon, Seychelles

My Favorite Blazer

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I’ve worn this blazer (and the top) twice this week. Can’t get enough!

  • blazer: thrifted
  • top: ModBod, c/o ModBod
  • denim: PacSun, refashioned
  • booties: thrifted

Finally I Can Breathe


Ahhhh. . . Much better. I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage anymore.

  • cardi: random boutique ages ago
  • top: Ruche
  • necklace: H&M
  • jeans: PacSun, refashioned
  • booties: Seychelles, Amazon



I’m still trying to figure out the lighting in this studio. It’s sometimes warm, sometimes cool & sometimes ridiculously contrasting!

  • earrings: Ihamlt, etsy
  • necklace: H&M
  • tee: Threadless
  • jacket: thrifted
  • belt: thrifted
  • bracelet: handmade
  • denim leggings: Pacsun
  • shoes: thrifted

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