Sewing for the Weekend


It’s like sewing is my job! This week I’ve made two shirts, a pair of leggings, a skirt and some pajama pants. I’ve certainly kept myself busy because I want to look all cute when I meet up with my sewing gal pals in LA today. If I sew and I’m going to fly to LA to hang out with sewing girls, I have to represent with some new duds. Right?


I’m just in love with Megan Nielsen’s crescent top, but I wanted something a little simpler and with sleeves. So I mashed up her pattern and my scoop top pattern and this is what I got. I used a rayon jersey for the top and a rayon challis on bottom.

I had just enough of the floral challis left over from the banksia top I made over a year ago I didn’t want to throw it out, but I didn’t have enough to make another top. What do you do with awkwardly large fabric scraps? Save? Toss? Recycle? Donate? I usually recycle, but I loved the print and drape so much I saved it. I’m so glad I did!


I don’t know why the left tugs in the photo, but it doesn’t appear to do that in real life. Or maybe I just don’t notice it.


The top was easy enough to construct, the hardest part being the hemming and trying to make that look nice. I did all right. I’m glad I wasn’t hemming a curved jersey. The challis was hard enough.


With 20+ of us women bombarding the LA fabric district I want to look dressed up, feel comfortable and be ready for anything. Outfit Details:

  • necklace: handmade
  • glasses: coastal
  • top: handmade
  • jeggings: PacSun
  • shoes: Ruche



As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m hitting up the streets of LA through this weekend to stock up on fabric, notions and anything else that strikes my fancy. I’m so excited to be spending time with some wonderful women and to meet and greet lots of great people behind brands I love.

Follow along with all of my finds on Instagram and Seesaw. We will all be using the hashtag #fabricweekend2013.

A few companies are going out of their way to make our trip to LA exciting, I’d like to give each of them a shout out below. jo-ann-mood-michael-levine-ruche
Even though I’m sure to find unique fashion fabric in the warehouses of the fabric district, Jo-Ann always seems to surprise me with their knit prints.

I’ve never been to Mood before – they were closed when I went to NYC almost 3 years ago. I’m excited to finally step foot in one of their stores and go a little Project Runway crazy!

Michael Levine is totally new to me. They sell fabric by the POUND (squeal!) in parts of their bricks and mortar store and they also have an online store with crazy awesome fashion fabrics.

And oh Ruche, I’m so excited to hang at your headquarters for a visit!


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    1. Tilly says:

      Oh it’s so pretty! Gorgeous colours. Lurve the shoes too.

    2. mandie says:

      Lovely top! I am so anxious to stalk you on instagram this weekend!! This sounds like the ultimate girls weekend! :)

    3. This is too cute! And I’m so envious of all the fun you ladies will have at Fabric Weekend! :)

    4. megannielsen says:

      oh wow! i love this variation on the Crescent! what a great idea to mix it with a tshirt!! i hope you have an awesome weekend – it sounds crazy fun!!

    5. So very jealous I don’t live in the states, or I’d be crashing this party big time! Hope you have a great time in your fab new duds!

      x Elena

    6. Tiffany says:

      I’m so happy to have sat by you and Miriam on the plane. Your talent is unbelievable!!!! My daughter Megan LOVED the fabric shops in the Fabric District. Wow! Now she’s talking her dad into letting her use her savings for a serger… this week. Thanks for the tip.

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