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A Sneak Peek


I’m officially DONE decorating Felix & Penelope’s bedroom. Well, I lied. I have to print a photo of Felix (how do I not have any printed photos of my 7 month old?!?) & frame it next to a photo of Penelope. Over the weekend, Chris and I were busy cleaning & organizing the house. It’s like I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant again – minus the 30 pounds. I think it’s because we’ve decided we’re going to live in our place for at least another 6 months. No moving just before the holidays! YAY!

Yesterday, Penelope & I had fun cutting out shapes with felt. She just massacred her felt (had a good time doing it, too) and I cut out fish silhouettes & circles (bubbles). I’ve been so close to sharing Felix & Penelope’s shared room with you, but it was missing something. A mobile. I made a little mobile to go over Felix’s bed.

I wanted to keep with the orange & yellow theme, so I grabbed a  bunch of felt in that same color family & went to town cutting shapes. I sewed the circles all in a line to make the bubbles and draped them over the embroidery hoop (much like Susan’s chandelier). I cut two of each fish & sewed the two together in skewed lines to add weight and interest. I assembled it all together using a million and a half square knots, industrial embroidery floss and embroidery hoops. Let me know if you’re interested in a tutorial.

Overall I’m really happy how this turned out. Also, it cost nothing to make. If I were to itemize it out, it’d be under 50¢ and that would be between the embroidery floss & the embroidery hoops. The felt was free from my mom, the hoops were 6 for $1 and the floss was $3 for a million yards.

It’s masculine, and fits within the theme of the room. That has been my biggest challenge with decorating Penelope & Felix’s room – being gender neutral. Thankfully I started out with a mostly yellow/orange theme with Penelope’s room to begin with. All pink would’ve been much harder to make masculine.

Nicknames for Baby Felix


Penelope has practically a million nicknames. There are so many ways to break down & add-to her name: Pen, Nelly, the Nels, Lope, P, P-nut, Nelzebub, Nelzapea, Nelly Belly. . . really, I could go on & on. Felix on the other hand has ZERO nicknames. How do you shorten Felix? Fe? NO. This is the one flaw of the name Felix.

The nicknames we’ve got in the running are: F (but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like P does), Fitz, Double X (because of the two X’s in his name Felix Alexander). Then we’ve got the more humorous nicknames: WTF (Where’s the Felix?), Dos Equis & the F-bomb. I highly doubt any of our family members (grandparents especially) will end up adopting the last three, but I sure do find them hilarious.

While talking to my cousins this weekend I told them about his slightly unfortunate nicknames & James (or was it Natalie?) mentioned something about using the F-bomb idea in the baby announcements. Of course this spurred all sorts of ideas, namely the shirt you see above. I think it’s pretty awesome & perhaps I’ll use this “logo” on more things of his. We’ll see.

Do you have any ideas for nicknames for baby Felix? We’ve sort of been calling him buddy for lack of anything else, but considering I dated a guy named Buddy for two years, I’m sort of put off by that idea. Plus, it just seems too unoriginal. Ideas, pretty please?

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