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I’m officially DONE decorating Felix & Penelope’s bedroom. Well, I lied. I have to print a photo of Felix (how do I not have any printed photos of my 7 month old?!?) & frame it next to a photo of Penelope. Over the weekend, Chris and I were busy cleaning & organizing the house. It’s like I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant again – minus the 30 pounds. I think it’s because we’ve decided we’re going to live in our place for at least another 6 months. No moving just before the holidays! YAY!

Yesterday, Penelope & I had fun cutting out shapes with felt. She just massacred her felt (had a good time doing it, too) and I cut out fish silhouettes & circles (bubbles). I’ve been so close to sharing Felix & Penelope’s shared room with you, but it was missing something. A mobile. I made a little mobile to go over Felix’s bed.

I wanted to keep with the orange & yellow theme, so I grabbed a  bunch of felt in that same color family & went to town cutting shapes. I sewed the circles all in a line to make the bubbles and draped them over the embroidery hoop (much like Susan’s chandelier). I cut two of each fish & sewed the two together in skewed lines to add weight and interest. I assembled it all together using a million and a half square knots, industrial embroidery floss and embroidery hoops. Let me know if you’re interested in a tutorial.

Overall I’m really happy how this turned out. Also, it cost nothing to make. If I were to itemize it out, it’d be under 50¢ and that would be between the embroidery floss & the embroidery hoops. The felt was free from my mom, the hoops were 6 for $1 and the floss was $3 for a million yards.

It’s masculine, and fits within the theme of the room. That has been my biggest challenge with decorating Penelope & Felix’s room – being gender neutral. Thankfully I started out with a mostly yellow/orange theme with Penelope’s room to begin with. All pink would’ve been much harder to make masculine.

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    1. Gabrielle says:

      ok i LOVE this idea!! please share a tutorial!

    2. I love this! The warm colors are gorgeous and you are so creative making that lovely mobile.

    3. angie says:

      adorable, melissa! i love that mobile. super cute!

    4. I love the mobile and that you opted to do fish even though you weren’t using traditional sea-themed colors. Beautiful!

    5. cant……wait…..for……room……..tour. eeeeeek

    6. Meghan says:

      You are like the queen of mobiles. You continue to do the impossible–make me love the next one more than the last. Yes, please to the tutorial.

    7. May says:

      The mobile is gorgeous! It is really lovely. Job well done!

    8. kae says:

      The color combo is so bright and cheery!

    9. Kacey says:

      Love it!
      Also, where did you find hoops 6/$1??

    10. Jeannie D says:

      The mobile is wonderful…what baby wouldn’t love to look up at that? I also adore the personalized elephant print…yours as well I assume? Love everything!

    11. zhing says:

      what a great addition to the nursery! :) im sure baby would love having something lovingly made by mum to stare at all day!

      xx, zhing

    12. jennifer says:

      Super cute!Please share the tutorial!

    13. This is great! I especially love the contrast of the one blue fish :)

    14. bmerry says:


    15. Wendy says:

      This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks!
      My most influential teacher was Dr. See at CMSU! He expected perfection and most of the time I strove for it for him. He really brought out so much more of me than I thought was even possible!

    16. It looks great! I especially admire Penelope’s quilt. Lovely!!! The yellow and orange!!! I agree with you decorated rooms are somehow easier to keep clean. I think its because we are proud of our efforts. Oh wait-none of my rooms are actually “finished” yet. I have been putting off finishing both of my daughters rooms since July. I am looking for the perfect mid century dresser to paint. My oldest girl actually has a dresser just like the bedside chest in the picture -but I havent got around to painting it yet. Imagine that. haha I think I need to give myself some boundaries. No new projects until unfinished projects are finished.

    17. spark says:

      Oh so gorgeous – love the mobile! yes, yes, yes on the tutorial.xxx

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