Nicknames for Baby Felix


Penelope has practically a million nicknames. There are so many ways to break down & add-to her name: Pen, Nelly, the Nels, Lope, P, P-nut, Nelzebub, Nelzapea, Nelly Belly. . . really, I could go on & on. Felix on the other hand has ZERO nicknames. How do you shorten Felix? Fe? NO. This is the one flaw of the name Felix.

The nicknames we’ve got in the running are: F (but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like P does), Fitz, Double X (because of the two X’s in his name Felix Alexander). Then we’ve got the more humorous nicknames: WTF (Where’s the Felix?), Dos Equis & the F-bomb. I highly doubt any of our family members (grandparents especially) will end up adopting the last three, but I sure do find them hilarious.

While talking to my cousins this weekend I told them about his slightly unfortunate nicknames & James (or was it Natalie?) mentioned something about using the F-bomb idea in the baby announcements. Of course this spurred all sorts of ideas, namely the shirt you see above. I think it’s pretty awesome & perhaps I’ll use this “logo” on more things of his. We’ll see.

Do you have any ideas for nicknames for baby Felix? We’ve sort of been calling him buddy for lack of anything else, but considering I dated a guy named Buddy for two years, I’m sort of put off by that idea. Plus, it just seems too unoriginal. Ideas, pretty please?

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    1. Jeri says:

      All I can think of is “Felix the Cat”. An old cartoon. You could nickname him “Cat-man” from that. Or “Fe-Fi-Foe-Fum”. That’s kind of long. Shorten it to Fe-Fi.

    2. Jeri says:

      Felix Unger, the character from “The Odd Couple” play and TV show. Really dating myself now. I googled nicknames for Felix. They were “Flick”, “Fix”, “Lixy”, “LeeLee feefee feli (I don’t get this one), “Fox” and “Fie”. On it said that there was one guy who called himself “Phil” and another who went by “Happy” which is what Felix ,means in Latin.

    3. Bmerry says:

      How about Flex or Flix?

    4. Jeri says:

      I like Flex or Flix. We know someone who has a dog that they call “Lee-Lee”. You could also go by the middle name and call him “Xander” or what I would probably call him if he were mine, “Xandu” (Xanadu?), only I’d probably sing the song when I said it. Not sure if that’s how you spell it. Or Big Al or Little Al or Alex. that’s why Flex would be great, combination of the first and middle names. Flex rhymes with sex though, so if it’s going to be a nickname that carries through to school, you may want to consider that. My maiden name rhymed with sex and it was excruciating at times in Jr. High. Sometimes nicknames carry over to school mates or everyone b/c that’s what you are calling them so you cannot always depend on it just being a family pet name. I do like Happy though. Although I cannot picture a kid being called Happy past about five. Maybe that’s just me.

    5. Jeri says:

      He’s adorable, by the way. I’m done bothering you now.

    6. JeanMarie says:

      what about Lixer (pronounced lickser)? Or Sir Lix-a-lot? I have the same problem with my daughter Margo. No nicknames for it really. So I just call her Pickle or Pick. He is adorable :)

    7. Sorry no nickname ideas here, just think the onesie is hilarious…! You could tell the the grandparents the ‘F’ stands for ‘fuse’ or something else bomb related! :)

    8. Lanae says:

      Lixy; Lix

    9. Doesn’t have to come from his name! We call Evie “Nugget” which I’ve shortened a thousand different ways and call her “Nuggy”

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    11. Jessica says:

      My boyfriend’s name is Felix and it’s a name that has run in the family (his grandpa and his uncle are also called Felix). So they always called him Felito (he’s Puerto Rican) and it has stuck as his nickname for everyone since. F-bomb is hilarious as is the onesie. And congratulations on such a cute baby!!

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