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Decor Fail: Orange Doorway


Just keeping things real around here this week. We are now proud owners of the most boring door on the block.



Just after Chris left for Phoenix with the kiddos, I set off to do some much-wanted home improvements. I planned to paint the entire basement (didn’t quite happen) and paint the front door a new cheery color. Our previously blue door was alright, but fading. And not really my color. I wanted to do something different. Orange!


I wanted a pumpkin spice color (like in our master bedroom). But I ran into a few problems.

  • I was painting over the blue door with a complimentary color
  • I happened to purchase the worst (they boasted to be the best) semi-transparent paint
  • What I thought was going to be pumpkin spice orange, ended up being construction cone orange

Yes. The paint glowed. Like a hot flare in the middle of an ocean of bandaid tan.

I realized this issue halfway through layer number two, at 5:30pm Saturday night. F-A-I-L. I had originally bought the paint from a local paint shop, but since it was after hours I booked it to the nearest Home Depot to see if the “inferior” Behr could remedy the problem before Sunday Morning. It did all right, that Behr Ultra covered up my day-glo door in about a layer and a half.


Behr Ultra: 1, Kwal Ambassador: 0


Halloween came a little early around our house.

Refashion Fail – Mostly


My internet pal Laura sent me a few seriously awesome gems to refashion a few weeks ago. This is the first of them. I love the stripes and the placket (Funny enough, Hello Holiday has something similar in stock). I also liked the mix of horizontal and vertical stripes. 

They’re not nearly as dizzying in person, FYI. Since the shirt was too big in the shoulders, I thought I would take it apart and use the Banksia pattern to make it fit me. It was an epic fail. I didn’t follow the pattern like I should have and got a pretty wonky result.

I’m not sure if you can tell from here, but my darts are lopsided. WHAT? And they’re really pointy. The neck hole is a bit too tight for me to button the placket up, too. I sort of halfway used a pattern and halfway winged it which makes for a disastrous end. It’s not entirely unsalvageable, fortunately. I think I’ll take out the darts and take in the waist. If all fails miserably, Penelope is pretty much just straight lines at this point and would look so adorable as a candy striper.

I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch recently with sewing and creativity. I keep telling myself: I’ll only fail if I don’t do anything creative.


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