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Rainy Day Cloud Box Download + Thoughts


Cloud Box

Every once in a while I stop thinking about myself and think of others for a moment or two. Since Chris and I have been out and about the last four months the “every once in a while” is turning into “never”.


I see these boxes at events and weddings all the time. I really like how they close, forming a shape (usually a heart) that pops out. The problem with these boxes is that they’re white. Plain. Boring. I was trying to think outside the box (I didn’t stray far at all) for the shape of the top. Hearts are overdone, butterflies are not my style and stars are SOO last month. I like clouds. Clouds are a bunch of circles put together. I like circles, too. But how would I tie in the clouds with treats? After a few hours of brainstorming this is what Chris and I came up with:

Most clouds have a silver lining. This one has chocolate.
Click Here to Download the Rainy Day Cloud Box

Click on the image above to download IS•LY’s newest freebie. I have one request: would you please print at least one, fill it with chocolate and give it to someone who might be having a bad day? I’m not sure who to give mine to, but I’ll think of someone and let you know.

Memoire Book


My friend compiled a book of sweet notes and tributes from friends and family for her husband’s birthday. She had me bind it. I just wish I thought of this idea when I failed miserably for Chris’s birthday. I’m happy to have such thoughtful, creative friends.

I love the manly fleur-de-lis/leather combo.

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