Fave Slouchy Tee Refashion


I bought this tee at H&M while in New York last year for BlogHer. I was with my mom & she did not┬ásee the awesomeness in this top. Maybe it’s because it’s totally 80’s & she already lived through that era (I don’t remember much of it). Maybe because it’s so ugly (so ugly it’s cool). I loved the detailing in the top & the gold foil in the beach scene. I also love that I wore this at 8 months pregnant and still wear it now. It’s one of those few items of non-maternity, maternity clothing that I don’t feel the urge to throw up on. Any postpartum ladies out there know what I’m referring to?

This shirt was getting sort of ragged. The white wasn’t as white as it could be – I’m totally clueless when it comes to keeping whites white. I try, but after about a year my whites start to look dingy. Any advice would be awesome.

I decided that it was time I either chuck the shirt or give it new life. I cut off the neckline detailing, dyed it & trimmed up the sides a bit for a more fitted look. Of course, upon cutting the neckline (which I don’t regret one bit) I realized the neck was much too gaping for my taste. I had a couple of options, but being very inspired by This ILK’s harness jewelry (you don’t google that, btw) I thought it’d be pretty sweet to incorporate that idea into my refashion.

I used a combination of teal, turquoise & apple green Rit dye to get this color. I kept thinking of the fall brights that are so popular right now.

I used the chain to create a draped effect in the back. It brings the neckline up in the front & adds more visual interest in the back. I’ll definitely be doing this on any other gaping tees I own. It took very little time & I really like the result. Here’s a quick, no-photo step-by-step on how to do it:

  • try your shirt on & place your gaping tee seams where you want them to lie
  • measure the distance between the two seams
  • cut two chains, one just slightly longer than the above measurement
  • attach both chains with a jump ring on both ends
  • secure jump ring onto your shirt by doing a satin zig-zag stitch or hand stitch
  • wear

I really do love the new look of this top. Can you tell that I’m getting excited to talk about refashioning clothing at Sewing Summit next week? I truly can’t wait. Click here to view outfit details.


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    1. Kayla says:

      This is AWESOME. I have a few tees that would work so well with this!

      Freckles in April

    2. Christy says:

      That is an amazing refashion! I cannot wait for your class at The Sewing Summit! :)

    3. Gabrielle says:

      ok that color is to dye for (yes the pun was intended)

    4. Michelle says:

      ahh this is brilliant!! i have so many gaping neckline shirts.. and i always do the same thing to fix em.. this is way better. awesome!

    5. Carmen J says:

      This shirt is big time awesome! I’ve had a total Rit Dye phobia since I was a kid, after a couple awful experience with my super uncrafty mom, lol. But your dye makeovers are super impressive. Maybe I’m ready to face my fears…

    6. i cannot get enough of the awesome dye-ing refashions lately!! plus the new neckline with the chain is freaking hot …

    7. Kaisa says:

      LOVE the draped back of this shirt! I definitely have some shirts that I don’t wear because of the awkward fit, but this could fix that right up! Thanks for posting!

    8. Wow!!! I love the after product!!! You’re so awesome … and funny (ie “don’t google that” … good advice!). Love the idea of the chain in the back!!!


    9. Chelsea says:

      The best way to keep white clothes white is to wash them separately from colored clothes!

    10. […] feels a bit uncomfortable wrangling kids with a gaping top. We’ve talked about this before, when I wrote about my slouchy tee refashion. Slouchy & gaping tees are fun to wear. They offer both style & pajama-like comfort, but […]

    11. I do everything I can to keep my whites white (soaking in Oxiclean or Biz, washing with Shout Color Catcher) but after a year or so they end up dingy and get tossed into my refashion pile and like you, I end up dying them. All that to say, that whites will never stay as white as when you bought them and dying them is a great solution.

    12. trish says:

      My mother’s trick to keeping things white was to use a oxy type cleaner and line dry them in the sun. For super dingy whites I’ve used a bluing bar and hung in the sun for a few hours. Sparkling white.

    13. alicia says:

      Thanks so much for posting this! All the shirts I buy have wide necklines and are constantly falling off my shoulders. Refashion time! <3

    14. Bridget says:

      So much inspiration in one site! Thank you!

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