A Little Design Work


I finished a little design project a while back & have been meaning to share it with you. No better time to share than when all of my sewing/craft supplies are who-knows-where, right?

I designed blog graphics for the lovely Jemma Coleman, a spunky Florida-based photographer. She wanted her site to be bright & fun, so I did just that. I’m very pleased with how the paisley pattern worked out. AND, I have to mention the ProPhoto blog theme was SO amazing to work with. I’m no web developer, so I really don’t like using CSS/HTML. This theme allowed to customize practically everything with the click of a button.

{here’s a little close-up of the paisley pattern}

Currently, I’m using Canvas on my own blog. I like it, but it does have it’s limitations. My next blog theme will definitely be ProPhoto for sure.

You should head over to Jemma’s new blog & peruse the archives of pretty wedding photos. She even has a drink recipe here and there.

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    1. Heather says:

      So pretty ;) Love that doodle-y design!!

    2. oh gosh. so pretty! I love it. now I feel the urge to give my blog an overhaul…

      You’re so talented!

    3. Jaimie says:

      It looks really great. Unfortunately, on my 15.4 inch PC screen, the entire paisley design doesn’t show. It’s a little wide. Bummer. But I really really love how it looks.

    4. Wow Melissa its beautiful! Amazing job! I agree…HTML/CSS are not my faves and I avoid it if possible!
      Love this design!

    5. e.day says:

      wow! i love the colors! it is so unique! great work :)

    6. Mandi C says:

      Melissa you are amazing! And thanks for the ProPhoto tip-web is not my strong point for sure!

    7. i heart ME&ISLY!

      Just fyi – the site is kind of “under construction” as I’m bringing in past posts and eventually will be moving this to a new URL. I’ll update you once it’s all done.

      Oh and for those of you who the whole paisley isn’t showing up – try holding down CTRL and the MINUS key to zoom out. You’ll see the whole bit then. :-)

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad to see everyone loves it as much as I do! Melissa did a wonderful job taking my colors and my inspiration and bringing the art to life!

      <3 Jem

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