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Thrifty: White and NOT boring


This post is brought to you by Tai Pan Trading.

I’m currently working on de-cluttering my house. This has been a mission for a few years now. In my quest to de-clutter and add special items for serving, entertaining and everyday use; I decided that I’m going to take an all-white approach.

My plates, bowls, servingware and some cups are all white. They vary in shape and style, and sometimes vary in type of white, but all together, they look really nice together. I’m not a straight-out-of-the-box kind of gal, so I like to find special pieces to match my house anywhere. And I do look from Crate and Barrel down to thrift stores.

Just recently I scored this fantastic (and quite large) ceramic pitcher for $5 (no coupons involved, either) at Tai Pan. I believe it holds about 2.5 quarts. That’s big and cheap in my opinion.

I’ve curated a round up of a few of my favorite white things from around the web, and featuring them over at These picks are well under $100, save for a few (albeit gorgeous) exceptions. I hope you check them out. 

So, do you have a go-to color like white? Mine used to be black, way back in my college days.

Thrifty & Chic: Glasbake Soup Bowls


On our way to the Tracy Aviary to hang out with friends & family, we were running early so I thought I’d check out the newest DI (for you Utah locals – it’s the one in Sugarhouse). I’ve heard that thrift shop grand openings can be pretty lack lustre. This one wasn’t terribly disappointing, although I did notice that some of their prices were a bit higher than normal. Not terrible, though.


It was a circus there, though. An employee passed me with a rolling cart full of new donations (that’s when I spied the above bowls) and as soon as I started following her, a crowd of about 15 people swarmed around the crate like piranhas! Thankfully no one seemed interested in the bowls, so I discretely ushered them into my cart. I spent $4.50 on the set of 6 bowls. A steal in my opinion. They tend to go for $4 per bowl around the interwebs.

I’m slowly working on organizing my kitchen cupboards with matching serving ware. Right now I’ve decided that I’m going for an all-white approach with a mix of orange & olive green accent pieces. I’m wanting to totally revamp my kitchen cupboards & get them perfectly organized & matching. I’ve always had an obsession with all-matching (or cohesive) serve ware.

I’ve also decided that I’m collecting yellow containers of any shape & size. I already have 5 or six. The above yellow container was 50¢ and the southwest-inspired scarves were also 50¢ each.


Isn’t Penelope so cute? She loved seeing the Flamingos today. I just couldn’t help but share this sweet pic my sister-in-law took. I’ll be taking pics of sweet Felix this afternoon. I’ll be sharing those with you soon. He’s getting so big!

So. . . have you found any good deals? I was impressed with your awesome finds from last week. Meredith found a gorgeous Lotus pendant lamp for $30 (we also have twinner chairs – she scored her pair for $30)! Kat found an arrow coat rack for $1 that I’m SUPER jealous of. Vintage Scapes found gorgeous vera scarves for $3. Heather found a gorgeous white coat for $10, then tailored it. You look fab, Heather!

Please share links to your fun, cheap finds in the comments! I’d love to see!

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