Thrifty & Chic: Glasbake Soup Bowls


On our way to the Tracy Aviary to hang out with friends & family, we were running early so I thought I’d check out the newest DI (for you Utah locals – it’s the one in Sugarhouse). I’ve heard that thrift shop grand openings can be pretty lack lustre. This one wasn’t terribly disappointing, although I did notice that some of their prices were a bit higher than normal. Not terrible, though.


It was a circus there, though. An employee passed me with a rolling cart full of new donations (that’s when I spied the above bowls) and as soon as I started following her, a crowd of about 15 people swarmed around the crate like piranhas! Thankfully no one seemed interested in the bowls, so I discretely ushered them into my cart. I spent $4.50 on the set of 6 bowls. A steal in my opinion. They tend to go for $4 per bowl around the interwebs.

I’m slowly working on organizing my kitchen cupboards with matching serving ware. Right now I’ve decided that I’m going for an all-white approach with a mix of orange & olive green accent pieces. I’m wanting to totally revamp my kitchen cupboards & get them perfectly organized & matching. I’ve always had an obsession with all-matching (or cohesive) serve ware.

I’ve also decided that I’m collecting yellow containers of any shape & size. I already have 5 or six. The above yellow container was 50¢ and the southwest-inspired scarves were also 50¢ each.


Isn’t Penelope so cute? She loved seeing the Flamingos today. I just couldn’t help but share this sweet pic my sister-in-law took. I’ll be taking pics of sweet Felix this afternoon. I’ll be sharing those with you soon. He’s getting so big!

So. . . have you found any good deals? I was impressed with your awesome finds from last week. Meredith found a gorgeous Lotus pendant lamp for $30 (we also have twinner chairs – she scored her pair for $30)! Kat found an arrow coat rack for $1 that I’m SUPER jealous of. Vintage Scapes found gorgeous vera scarves for $3. Heather found a gorgeous white coat for $10, then tailored it. You look fab, Heather!

Please share links to your fun, cheap finds in the comments! I’d love to see!

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    1. Anita says:

      I’m so behind the times I didn’t even know there was a new DI in Sugarhouse. The old one was always more expensive than some of the others in the valley. I’m getting frustrated with the DI’s near me though, it seems that each time I go things are a dollar more expensive. I can still get an occasional deal but it’s seriously almost the same price as shopping at Walmart for new things. :/ I keep wondering why the prices vary so much from store to store.
      I’ve a set of those bowels, I think they’re perfect for French Onion Soup.
      We’ve not been to Tracy Aviary in ages, I think I need to plan a family day. Thanks for the reminder.

    2. Joanna says:

      I love the all white approach! I am actually doing the same thing right now. My approach: all white dishes with different patterns and textures so it’s still fun. I will be buying separate fun anthropologie-ish dishes that will be used for my food photography. :)

      Anyways, I love thrift stores. You find the best things. Just yesterday I found a glass blue cake stand that I will be using for a photoshoot. Yay!

      (Love the bowls you found.)

    3. Peggy says:

      this is precious. sweet nell-a-pea. her hair is getting so long. it looks very cute.

    4. Charlotte says:

      I just visited that DI on Saturday! I didn’t find any treasures there, but my mom found a few things. My latest find was at the Centerville DI – a skirt with tags still on it for $6!

    5. Anna @ IHOD says:

      I am looking forward to being in a city where I can thrift again! Yippee!
      Penelope is too cute. We just brought our son to the zoo over Mother’s Day and of all the animals in the zoo, the flamingos were the most enthralling to him…and the lions.
      Go figure!

    6. I LOVE the white bowls! They are fantastic and so fun!
      I’m so glad you like my coat! I love all the thrifts you talk about. It’s so fun to see what people find!

    7. Laura chavous says:

      GASP “milkglass” bowls. Omg. I LOVE white glass. We already discussed that but I have two mixing bowls Ive been meaning to feature on my blog. Last week I got a milk glass butter dish with vintage mustard yellow floral design $2.50

    8. That yellow container is fantastic! So cheery and summery :) Perfect for an outdoor occasion too!

      As for me, I am fond of anything teak or of the scandinavian persuasion which is why I was excited with some of my latest finds. You can see some here:

      Thanks for including me in your post!

    9. Thanks for the link to my lamp and chairs, Melissa! Your finds this week are awesome. I love that you’re collecting yellow containers. Can’t wait to start spotting them around your place! :)

    10. i have those same bowls! (from saver’s) i love them. there’s just something about handles that makes things super awesome.

    11. So these were the bowls you were talking about?! LUCKY GIRL. Why can’t I have your luck?!

    12. Wow, looks like we all had some great finds! I think the best steal I ever got was for my china set I have. I bought a big box at an antiques/rummage shop that came from an old estate. It serves about 20 and cost $30. I love it! Comes with all the serving pieces, too. I looked up the prices online, and the gravy boat alone would be $50. I don’t have a post specifically to it, but I think you can see some of it in this post:

      Happy (bargain) hunting!

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