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DIY: Leather and Felt iPhone Case


Chris gets bored when he’s waiting for me to make the finishing touches to a garment I’m sewing. I love his company, though.

In his boredom a couple saturdays ago, he started asking me questions about drafting an iPhone case pattern. Reluctantly I helped him (Why is it always reluctantly?).


About 15 minutes later, I found myself roped into making Chris a case. He drafted and cut while I sewed.

Save for one wrong measurement, everything went very smoothly.


The case is a little loose around the sides, but otherwise fits perfectly. As the leather stretches to conform to the phone, I’m sure we’ll go back through and tighten up the gaps with more stitches. For now it works, though.

We used a 5mm industrial felt for the back to give it structure and to keep the case from slipping out of Chris’s pocket. A coral garment-weight calf skin was used for the inner layer and a lambskin was used for the wallet layer. The leathers were thin enough that my machine went through the three layers without any hiccups. Because of the thin and flexible nature of the leather, I turned down and hemmed the edges to give the leather a little more stability. It worked like a charm.


We bought a ton of this industrial felt. It’s pretty neat. We’ve already made a laptop case and this phone case, but we have just shy of 3/4 of a yard left of the 40″ wide material. I’m thinking some catch-all baskets will be next.

DIY: iPhone 5 Case 4.0


Chris got his first iPhone back in 2008 when the 3 came out. As soon as he brought it home we made him a case. Somehow I never posted about that case, but he’s used it for the last 4 years. It even worked with his most recent 4 (which he’s selling, btw). That leather case protected the phone so well! Looking at Chris’s old iPhone 4, you can’t see a single scratch on it. Serious.

So naturally we had to make Chris a new leather case for his iPhone 5. This time I’m going to share it with you, along with a pattern so you can DIY your own. I’ve made a few iPhone cases in my day. Chris’s first one, iphone case 1.o, 2.0 and 3.0. Now this one. 4.0?

I gave the 3.0 case I made to my brother-in-law, and I think Chris was a bit jealous of the wallet functionality of Eric’s case that he wanted it in the new one. We did it slightly different this time. The case has two compartments; one for the phone, one for the money. They’re both the same size, but one has a lever mechanism to allow for the cards to easily go in and out of the case effortlessly. Pretty clever, right?

It’s just a piece of riboon with a leather pull at the end.

So far Chris has had the case for a few days and it has its flaws. The pulley isn’t working out as flawlessly as I had hoped, but Chris hasn’t given up on it yet. Once we solidify something awesome, I’ll share it here. Promise.

iPhone Case Pattern 2.0


I threatened that I would post iPhone case tutorial nearly a month ago and here I am finally getting around to actually doing it. I really liked the old case that I had, it was just slightly impractical to had an unprotected phone to Penelope when she wanted to play her games. I decided that I needed to have a case that could stay on and actually protect my phone from grubby little hands. When I decided to embark on my noble quest, our computer was out of commission, so any designing I did was the old school way with a ruler and a pencil. That method took forever. Also, I kept running into wall after wall of design flaws. BLERG.

After I got my computer back and I had a great brainstorm session with the hubs, I completed the pattern. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Doesn’t the corsetted back look hott?

The pros to this case:

  • Penelope can’t press the home button, because she can’t see it. So, she’s stuck watching her little videos or playing her games and can’t post random tweets from my phone.
  • The leather makes for a better grip. It’s not going to slip out of mine or Penelope’s hands.
  • The phone is protected from minor bangs and drops.

The cons to this case:

  • It’s sewn in. So if you have to take it to the Apple store (which I do), you might need to un-pick the sewing. No big deal, but slightly annoying.
  • the sides of the case don’t lay flat. Although, time and scoring the inside of the leather remedies this problem.

It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve had the case on my phone, and I really like it a lot. I feel like it’s protected all the time and it just looks funky fun. I get comments on the stitching ALL the time. If you’re looking to cover your iPhone, I hope you give this little tutorial a try. Click on the Download button below to download. Enjoy!

This printable is free for personal use. If you would like to use this printable commercially, please email me. Thanks!

Broken Compy


Our 24″ iMac is broken. It’s been broken for a while when it was freezing up every five minutes, but it actually stopped working last night. LAME. Hallelujah for time machine, Applecare, iPhones and our dinosaur Powerbook. Without them, I might just keel over and die.

I’ve been working on some fun projects that I can’t wait to share with you, but since the computer is caput, they’ll have to wait for later. To give you a preview, here’s what you can expect to see next week:

iPhone Case 2.0

I had a brilliant brainwave the other day where I figured out a totally new and totally awesome iphone case design. I’m excited. I hope you are, too.

Nearly Completed Living Room

I’m not sure I’ll ever be done decorating this room, but it’s so close. Close enough that I really want to share it with you. I finally have artwork on the walls and furniture on the floors. It’s almost a complete style 180 from our last apartment, which is always fun.

I hope you have a fabulous, and exciting weekend void of any computer failures or errors.

iPhone Case Tutorial


I’ve been bugging Chris for the last 6 months to get me an iPhone. Why the wait? Chris didn’t want to buy an iPhone when Apple might just come out with something cooler. Understandable. Now that the iPad is out, and it doesn’t quite make sense for us to get one (yet), I got to get my iPhone! Hooray! Now I can stop borrowing Chris’s for conferences & Whrrl posts! Life with my very own iPhone is so great. Everything is easier and more fun! The poopy diapers are more bearable! The dishes are more sparkly(er)!

Now that I finally have a nice phone, I’ve got to protect it from Penelope. I was planning on going to TJ Maxx or Ross to get a cover (because that’s where you go for cheap iphone covers), but Penelope napped for nearly four hours yesterday! Four hours was plenty of time to design and create my own case – and make a tutorial to share with you! I’m just tickled about how it turned out. I just love the pink/orange color combo.

This was a very easy project. If you have all of the materials ready, it would surely take less an hour to make (embellishing not included). Did I tell you that I love my finished product? It’s fabulous, and I’d surely make it again. I wouldn’t change anything about the pattern, but I would like to try using elastic instead of a small leather strip across the front. That might make tucking the flap away, a tad easier. OH, and did I mention that I LOVE how it turned out? EEE! I’m so happy about it.

Well, I hope you give this tutorial a try. If you do, please share pictures! I’ve just started a flickr group and I would love to see you join! Enjoy!! This tutorial (click above to dowload) is free for personal use only.

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