DIY: iPhone 5 Case 4.0


Chris got his first iPhone back in 2008 when the 3 came out. As soon as he brought it home we made him a case. Somehow I never posted about that case, but he’s used it for the last 4 years. It even worked with his most recent 4 (which he’s selling, btw). That leather case protected the phone so well! Looking at Chris’s old iPhone 4, you can’t see a single scratch on it. Serious.

So naturally we had to make Chris a new leather case for his iPhone 5. This time I’m going to share it with you, along with a pattern so you can DIY your own. I’ve made a few iPhone cases in my day. Chris’s first one, iphone case 1.o, 2.0 and 3.0. Now this one. 4.0?

I gave the 3.0 case I made to my brother-in-law, and I think Chris was a bit jealous of the wallet functionality of Eric’s case that he wanted it in the new one. We did it slightly different this time. The case has two compartments; one for the phone, one for the money. They’re both the same size, but one has a lever mechanism to allow for the cards to easily go in and out of the case effortlessly. Pretty clever, right?

It’s just a piece of riboon with a leather pull at the end.

So far Chris has had the case for a few days and it has its flaws. The pulley isn’t working out as flawlessly as I had hoped, but Chris hasn’t given up on it yet. Once we solidify something awesome, I’ll share it here. Promise.

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    1. Melissa says:

      That is so funny that you’re doing this – I just made a canvas one for my iPhone 5 (welcome to the 21st century, me!) because I didn’t realize that they wouldn’t have cases available at the Apple store and I had to order one and wait for shipping. Still waiting, but in the meantime the canvas one is working pretty well.

    2. Jaime says:

      I love this and the second you post the tutorial I am making one for myself and my husband. Way to go!

    3. anna says:

      fun fun! I love the leather. And my friend showed me her iphone 5, pretty rad.

    4. purevsuren says:

      hi, how to buy up case of iphone 5?

    5. Straderade says:

      wow – I’ve gotta make one of these! I’ll be looking forward to seeing more on this topic so my wife and I can make some DIY cases for our new iPhone 5’s.

      …can’t wait…

    6. Tommtl says:

      Wow, i love it !!! And i need one for new iphone 5 !!!!! Do you sell it ???

    7. Anders says:

      I wanna buy one!! Love it!! :)

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