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I’ve been bugging Chris for the last 6 months to get me an iPhone. Why the wait? Chris didn’t want to buy an iPhone when Apple might just come out with something cooler. Understandable. Now that the iPad is out, and it doesn’t quite make sense for us to get one (yet), I got to get my iPhone! Hooray! Now I can stop borrowing Chris’s for conferences & Whrrl posts! Life with my very own iPhone is so great. Everything is easier and more fun! The poopy diapers are more bearable! The dishes are more sparkly(er)!

Now that I finally have a nice phone, I’ve got to protect it from Penelope. I was planning on going to TJ Maxx or Ross to get a cover (because that’s where you go for cheap iphone covers), but Penelope napped for nearly four hours yesterday! Four hours was plenty of time to design and create my own case – and make a tutorial to share with you! I’m just tickled about how it turned out. I just love the pink/orange color combo.

This was a very easy project. If you have all of the materials ready, it would surely take less an hour to make (embellishing not included). Did I tell you that I love my finished product? It’s fabulous, and I’d surely make it again. I wouldn’t change anything about the pattern, but I would like to try using elastic instead of a small leather strip across the front. That might make tucking the flap away, a tad easier. OH, and did I mention that I LOVE how it turned out? EEE! I’m so happy about it.

Well, I hope you give this tutorial a try. If you do, please share pictures! I’ve just started a flickr group and I would love to see you join! Enjoy!! This tutorial (click above to dowload) is free for personal use only.

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    1. Shanna says:

      This is just awesome. I might have to try this!!

    2. Jenn says:

      I will definitely attempt making one for my iPod touch (might have to make minor alterations for size difference)this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes!
      I’ve always had to keep mine hidden from Jack – though he does like to play games on it :)

    3. Heather says:

      Thanks Melissa for the tutorial! I got an ipod touch from my parents for Christmas and I really wanted to make a case for it – now, thanks to you, I know exactly how to make it! Thank you very much!!!!

    4. Kenziepoo says:

      What a great idea! Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

    5. Emily H. says:

      I don’t have an iPhone or any of those cute crafty tools but I may still have to make this anyway! So dang cute!

    6. Erin says:

      once again your creativity blows me away melissa! congrats on the iphone. it is pretty life changing! my favorite is all the free apps i can download for my kids. such a life saver while running errands.

    7. Tacie says:

      I love it!!! Just like I love every other thing that’s on this blog!

      One question though… Where do you get your leather?

    8. Love this idea! If I made one, I don’t know if it would turn out that cute… serious! :)

    9. Rachel says:

      I *love* your color combo! How fabulous! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

    10. Laurie Jones says:

      Way cuter then anything you can buy at a store!!

    11. Lillian says:

      ok, first of all I’m way jealous of your iphone. But I’m getting one this year when my contract expires! I can’t wait! And then I’m SO coming back to this post to figure out how to make a case for it. Like you said, can’t let the babies play with my iphone:)

    12. Melissa says:


      This lovely piece of orange leather I found at the fabulous, Fabmo.org, in Palo Alto. If you don’t live in the SF bay area, you could also just go to upholstery shops and design centers and just ask if they have any scraps of leather that they might be throwing out. That’s been very successful for me, too.

      If you’d rather not go around mooching for leather; go to Tandy Leather. You can buy supplies online at http://www.tandyleather.com or google locations to see if one’s close by. They’re all over the united states. Shopping there gets a little addicting.

      Hope this helps!


    13. Sarah says:

      I just came across your site via your nomination for the Lovelies. What a beautiful blog and with lovely content! I will be voting for you.
      Great tutorial too!
      I look forward to following you!

    14. I just found your blog and I am in love!

    15. LB says:

      How did you add the embellishment? Is that a type of paint?

    16. This is too cool! Love the colors!!
      Thank you for sharing it!

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    18. * TONYA * says:

      WOW, you did such an amazing job on your case. I need one desperately, I’ve already gone through 2 covers.

    19. Kathleen says:

      That is so lovely, especially the orange color and your embellishments. I wish I had an iPhone…

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    22. Dark says:

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      I found that you are selling Iphone case when I was in your website. We are launching the new case for the Iphone 5 and IPAD mini.
      Now the tooling available and the sample also already done. I could send more details to you if you are interested.
      Thanks and best regards

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    24. Sheryl says:

      This is so cute, will make a nice birthday gift for my daughter in Feb. I just hope and pray I can do it!

    25. homan says:

      tanks a lot .

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