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Super Felix and Autoshops


Life is good. I’m grateful for so many things. It sure has been quite the week, though. Felix (our potted plant) destroyed the crib that cradled 7 other children in less than one hour.

I was exhuasted on Sunday so I put felix down for his nap and passed out on my bed. Not 20 minutes later, Penelope slammed Felix’s door shut and woke him up. I was so exhausted I went back to sleep thinking Chris would get him. I think Chris thought Felix would just fall asleep. Another 20 minutes after that I woke up to an annoying knocking noise. I investigated to find Felix had destroyed his crib. He managed to pull a couple of slats loose and was knocking them against the wall. And he had broken off a slat, too. He was not  in a safe situation in that crib.

So Felix trashed Chris’s childhood crib. Ikea came to our rescue and we all can nap in peace and safety as long as Penelope doesn’t slam any doors.

Then we spent 4 hours yesterday at the auto shop, when it was only supposed to be 45 minutes. The start of the week has put me in a sour mood. It’s not because of the broken crib or replacing the struts in the car. It’s just so many little things keep me from getting pressing stuff done (design/conference/holiday stuff).

My mood directly correlates with how much stuff I get done in a day. Does yours? So I’m simplifying and signing off until next Wednesday. I’ll still be partying on Instagram and Twitter with sneak peeks of cool projects to come. Have an awesome and productive week!

Taking Things Slowly


Chris got a job last week! He’ll be starting his new job in two weeks, which means we both need to hustle to get everything done on the calligraphy site (which is coming along quite nicely, thanks to him). In the mean time, I will be taking things slowly and finishing the task at hand before taking on new projects.

You can expect to see a couple of posts per week, but do bare with me as I take this time to finish up the calligraphy site. In the mean time, I finally took the time to take pictures of the white jersey skirt I made for the Alt Summit white party.

I used the flat gathered technique to attach the skirt to the waistband. I sewed the selvaged edges together on about a yard and a half of fabric and gathered the skirt to the waistband. This skirt is a bit see-through, but as long as I wear a long slip underneath, it’s just fine.

Also, while I was running around after the photos, the skirt was too long for my bare feet. I ended up rolling the skirt at the waist to shorten it a bit. This totally worked and gave the skirt a whole new look!

Click here for full outfit details for Penelope and me.

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