Taking Things Slowly


Chris got a job last week! He’ll be starting his new job in two weeks, which means we both need to hustle to get everything done on the calligraphy site (which is coming along quite nicely, thanks to him). In the mean time, I will be taking things slowly and finishing the task at hand before taking on new projects.

You can expect to see a couple of posts per week, but do bare with me as I take this time to finish up the calligraphy site. In the mean time, I finally took the time to take pictures of the white jersey skirt I made for the Alt Summit white party.

I used the flat gathered technique to attach the skirt to the waistband. I sewed the selvaged edges together on about a yard and a half of fabric and gathered the skirt to the waistband. This skirt is a bit see-through, but as long as I wear a long slip underneath, it’s just fine.

Also, while I was running around after the photos, the skirt was too long for my bare feet. I ended up rolling the skirt at the waist to shorten it a bit. This totally worked and gave the skirt a whole new look!

Click here for full outfit details for Penelope and me.

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    1. congratulations to Chris! good luck with finishing up your calligraphy site, and great job on that adorable skirt! that last picture is too cute. :)

    2. mandie says:

      Yay Chris!!

      I love that skirt on you! Great job friend!

    3. sarahjane says:

      This look is bananas. Love it so much. That shirt? Love!

    4. bmerry says:

      Yay you!

    5. Heidi says:

      Love the skirt, it makes you look really tall. Are you?

    6. Joy says:

      Very cute skirt! It’s funny, I did the rolled waist technique with a skirt I wore when I was pregnant (because it was under my belly and that made it “tripping length”), and I also thought, “This would be cute when I’m wanting to show off my waist!” Although now that I have a waist again, the skirt is the perfect length! :-)

    7. Emily says:

      so glad chris got a job! lovely skirt too. :)

    8. May says:

      Congratulations to Chris and your family. Yay for a job! On another note, you looks so statuesque in that first photo and the 2nd photo is darling

    9. CoraD says:

      Congratulations! And whew! Glad he has a little time before jumping into the new gig.

      Last night, I dreamt I was thrifting. And I tried on an awesome top with weird cuffs (think: palm padding) but I knew I could alter it, thanks to you.

    10. Deepa says:

      Congrats to Chris on the new job! The skirt is great with that top and belt :)

    11. Jen says:

      love the skirt! Looks fab!

    12. Congrats to Chris and to your family:) The skirt is beautiful– I’m always a bit worried to wear a long white skirt but yours looks so pretty I might have to try;)

    13. Meghan says:

      I rarely comment, but I just had to echo the others who wrote that skirt looks great on you. You look long and lean. (May stole my word: Statuesque.)

    14. Emily says:

      This outfit is somethin’ else. Love it to bits!

    15. phil says:

      as always very artistic :)

    16. Erin R. says:

      I’m so happy that Chris got a job (although, slightly and selfishly disappointed that you won’t have to move to Michigan). :o)

    17. bob says:

      How long of a slip do you wear under the skirt? Is it a half slip or full slip?

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