Super Felix and Autoshops


Life is good. I’m grateful for so many things. It sure has been quite the week, though. Felix (our potted plant) destroyed the crib that cradled 7 other children in less than one hour.

I was exhuasted on Sunday so I put felix down for his nap and passed out on my bed. Not 20 minutes later, Penelope slammed Felix’s door shut and woke him up. I was so exhausted I went back to sleep thinking Chris would get him. I think Chris thought Felix would just fall asleep. Another 20 minutes after that I woke up to an annoying knocking noise. I investigated to find Felix had destroyed his crib. He managed to pull a couple of slats loose and was knocking them against the wall. And he had broken off a slat, too. He was not  in a safe situation in that crib.

So Felix trashed Chris’s childhood crib. Ikea came to our rescue and we all can nap in peace and safety as long as Penelope doesn’t slam any doors.

Then we spent 4 hours yesterday at the auto shop, when it was only supposed to be 45 minutes. The start of the week has put me in a sour mood. It’s not because of the broken crib or replacing the struts in the car. It’s just so many little things keep me from getting pressing stuff done (design/conference/holiday stuff).

My mood directly correlates with how much stuff I get done in a day. Does yours? So I’m simplifying and signing off until next Wednesday. I’ll still be partying on Instagram and Twitter with sneak peeks of cool projects to come. Have an awesome and productive week!

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    1. Rebecca says:

      My mood absolutely dictates how much I get done. It can be a real hindrance sometimes. I think it’s smart of you to take some time off where you can to refocus. Here’s to a productive week!

      Rebecca (hearts)…

    2. Heidi says:

      Wow, tough little guy!
      I’m totally with you about moods dictacting how much gets done. I hope something grand and wonderful happens to lift your spirits! :)

    3. Jeannie D says:

      Recharge those batteries,Girlie! And while you’re at it, whip up a “Door Muff” for Felix’ door..( my niece is due in Nov. and made a really cute one!) search door muff on Pinterest. No more door slamming and nap time will be quiet once again!

    4. Lindsay says:

      So sorry your baby destroyed his crib — and when you were already exhausted! And car repairs always make me cranky. Hope tomorrow is better!

    5. oh nooooo Melissa you should have saved the pretty jenny lind wood turned ends…you could have used them as matching headboards in the future!

    6. PS: LOVE that: Life is good God is grand!!!

    7. Ugh! Sounds like a rough run!:( I hope it gets better from here!!!

    8. Tara says:

      I feel so much better when I have achieved things during the day. Especially little things that take 5 minutes but have been bugging me for ages.

      I’m 29 weeks pregnant at the moment and now feel even more pressure to get things done as nesting has really kicked in! Hope you get everything done that you have planned. XX

    9. Miranda says:

      How much I do usually dictates my attitude, which is not a great thing. I feel this need to DO DO DO all the time! I am trying to learn to relax and enjoy the moments…

    10. linda says:

      We bought that crib in 1982 in massachusetts for about $100. Before Chris was born, I stacked a few diapers at one end of it, alongside his new little clothes and new blankets. I remember looking into the crib and wondering what life would be like with a tiny baby. Now nearly 30 years have gone by. Chris and his five brother and sisters used that crib for many years. Sweet little Felix has finally managed to kick it apart. Those 30 years have been very good to us. Thanks for the photo, and the grandkids.

    11. Melissa says:

      Wow Felix is one powerful little dude. Impressive.

      Oh great job on the garage! You’ll definitely enjoy parking in the garage in the winter–much more comfortable for you and the kids.

    12. Shelby says:

      I totally agree! I need to get stuff done on a daily basis or I feel like I wasted a day. Although, there are those days that are set aside specifically to NOT do anything because it’s important to relax and recharge. And, unfortunately, there are also those days where it feels like there is so much to do that I can’t manage to do anything. Those days are the worst.

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