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DIY: Love Letters, 3 Ways


This week has just zoomed by so fast. We’ve been struck down with Rotavirus and RSV. The ultimate double-whammy for winter illness, if you ask me.

on Wednesday, I was on Studio 5 sharing 3 fun ways to write a love note. See below for tips and the full segment.

Chris and I don’t exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. It’s usually a simple love letter. We’d like to try and get out, but usually the day is so crazy it doesn’t end up happening. We keep it simple to say the least.


So how to write a love letter? When it comes to the actual writing, refrain from using “I” first. Is the letter about you? No. Start with “You”. Example:

I think you’re amazing. Really? Does it really matter what I think? 

You are an amazing inspiration to all you know. Ahh, that’s more like it.

I’m no pro at prose, but thinking in that direction has significantly helped me write more interesting letters. On to the crafty fun!


The School Girl

This is a playful note meant for the young or young-at-heart. Fold up an origami heart using your lined paper and seal it with a kiss or some gloriously kitschy stickers. Glitter glue doesn’t hurt, either. I used the below video for folding the heart:


The Heart Attack

Perfect snail mail attack of hearts. Rough cut a bunch of hearts and write things you love about that person. Add confetti or glitter for even more fun. But be sure you’re sending glitter to the right kind of person. It’s kind of like the measles of crafting supplies. Out. Of. Control.


The Romantic Novel

I like to write my man love notes and I like to add a little pizzaz to them! Go for maximum masculine impact with black lined paper and a white pen. Add some silver washi tape for just a little bit of glam. ;)

Hold Them Close and Never Forget


I’m afraid of the kind of world my children are growing up in.

Maybe each of us can make a difference by holding loved ones close, treating others with kindness and finding ways to serve those that have fallen victim to hate and despair.

You Are My Favorite Print for Sale


Chris and I went on a very simple Valentine’s date last night that included a little Valentine and a basically free dinner (what did I do without groupon?). It was a great way to spend Valentines since Chris is now unemployed.

On the card I made for Chris, I lettered the phrase, “You are my favorite.” I posted it in instagram and had such a big response, that I’m offering a printable version for $10. It’d be perfect on a gallery wall, a small nook in the entry way or cropped and perched atop your dresser.

This printable download can be printed professionally or from your home computer. The file is optimized for an 8×10 print, but can be easily cropped down to 8×8 or 5×7. Click the button below to purchase the file for $10.

Click here to purchase

Just a reminder, this is NOT for a print that will be mailed to you. It’s for the file that you can print, for personal use only. Email me if you have questions. 

Happy Fifth Anniversary!


It’s nuts to think we’ve been married five years already. At the same time it also feels like we’ve been together forever. I can’t imagine my life without Chris (or our two kiddos, for that matter). It seems like yesterday Chris & I started talking about getting married.

engagement photos taken by my mother-in-law

We had been dating maybe three months when I was talking to him about finding roommates for the next year (my previous roommate situation blew up in my face). As I was thinking aloud, I told Chris I could room with his sister, Lindsay; she was cool. It was quiet. For a second, I thought: Well I guess he might not want me to live with his sister. Afterall, if we broke up that would be pretty awkward. Then Chris looked at me & said, “I was kind of hoping we could be roommates next year.”

We had known each other for 4 months before we went on our first date, but after that everything flew by pretty quickly. We said I love you after a month, we talked marriage at three, he proposed at four, he went on a two & a half month internship in Arkansas at five & four days after he got back, we were hitched. It was all just under a year of meeting each other.

It didn’t feel that fast because we are perfect for each other. Have you seen the Adjustment Bureau? We watched it last weekend (loved that movie, btw) & that’s what our courtship felt like. We were just meant to be together.

Wedding photos taken by Sarah Faubus

Chris, I love you. Thanks for being my husband of five years. Let’s make it another 65, mmk?

dress details here

12 Days of Valentines: I LOVE YOU



Dear Valentine,

I love you. Period.



I know you do. I love you, too.

Thank you for the sweet, sweet Valentine notes this year!! You’re my favoritest of them all.

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