Happy Fifth Anniversary!


It’s nuts to think we’ve been married five years already. At the same time it also feels like we’ve been together forever. I can’t imagine my life without Chris (or our two kiddos, for that matter). It seems like yesterday Chris & I started talking about getting married.

engagement photos taken by my mother-in-law

We had been dating maybe three months when I was talking to him about finding roommates for the next year (my previous roommate situation blew up in my face). As I was thinking aloud, I told Chris I could room with his sister, Lindsay; she was cool. It was quiet. For a second, I thought: Well I guess he might not want me to live with his sister. Afterall, if we broke up that would be pretty awkward. Then Chris looked at me & said, “I was kind of hoping we could be roommates next year.”

We had known each other for 4 months before we went on our first date, but after that everything flew by pretty quickly. We said I love you after a month, we talked marriage at three, he proposed at four, he went on a two & a half month internship in Arkansas at five & four days after he got back, we were hitched. It was all just under a year of meeting each other.

It didn’t feel that fast because we are perfect for each other. Have you seen the Adjustment Bureau? We watched it last weekend (loved that movie, btw) & that’s what our courtship felt like. We were just meant to be together.

Wedding photos taken by Sarah Faubus

Chris, I love you. Thanks for being my husband of five years. Let’s make it another 65, mmk?

dress details here

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    1. Taylor says:

      Awwwww that is adorable!! I totally got goosebumps when he told you he hoped you guys could be roommates next year! So sweet! It’s funny you’d mention the Adjustment Bureau because I watched it last night and was thinking the same thing about my husband! (I loved that movie too)

      Happy 5 year anniversary! Hope you guys enjoy it! ;)

    2. Becky says:

      You have such an adorable story, Melissa! Happy anniversary to you and Chris!

    3. Tamara says:

      Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 10th and we were married four months and two days after our first date, so your courtship sounds long!!! :) Don’t you just love being married?

    4. Deanna says:

      Happy anniversary Melissa and Chris!

    5. Michelle says:

      Thats an extremely sweet story, I love hearing about couples who ‘just knew’! I “knew” with mine after just one date, we said I love you within a month, and moved in together after 4 months. Now we’re having a baby and everyone is so surprised, but it just worked that way!

    6. Christen says:

      that’s exactly how me and my fiance are! we met each other shortly after both coming out of two horrible two-year relationships and just knew right away! it’s so wonderful how God does that sort of stuff! blessings to you both and your adorable family!

    7. Kayla says:

      Aww, the roommate part! So sweet. I love reading other people’s love stories.

      Happy anniversary!!

    8. That is just the sweetest story! And has anyone ever told you that your husband looks like Matthew McFadyen with a better haircut? What a cross to bear. Ha ha.

    9. Erica says:

      Congrats you guys!! It was so fun seeing you at the Temple even if it was for just a minute.

    10. Happy Anniversary!! That sounds eerily familiar to my relationship with my husband (met, started dating, engaged, married, bought a house, and had a baby all within 2 years!!). Congrats on having such a wonderful life! You surely have worked hard for it and deserve it.

    11. Jenn says:

      Aww, happy anniversary! Our first one was Sunday :) Your wedding pictures are lovely!

    12. Bmerry says:

      Congratulations! I have never been married, but I think some day, I might be ready to be.

    13. So sweet! Happy Anniversary!

    14. Katherine says:

      Yay congratulations!! I think Chris looks like Mr. Darcy from the newer Pride and Prejudice in that top photo :) Happy five years and may there be many more!

    15. Libby K. says:

      thanks for sharing that story. so sweet. happy anniversh! i hope that you two get to do something extra special to celebrate.

      me and my high school sweetheart will celebrate our 8 year anniversary in two months. seems so crazy to me. it feels like yesterday that i asked him out on our first date!

    16. so sweet! my husband and i moved in together after only 3 1/2 months of dating/knowing each other, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. we’ve been together for 5 1/2 years now – married for 2 1/2. when you know you know – i don’t see the point in waiting!

    17. Amy says:

      Happy Anniversary!! Wow, your dress is so pretty, it looks like a princess!

    18. Emily says:

      So sweet!! :) Yes, we did just actually watch The Adjustment Bureau. :)

    19. Diana Smith says:

      What a gorgeous bride you are! Seriously you two are adorable!!! happy 5 years!

    20. Aubry says:

      Happy anniversary! I love your wedding dress and the dress in your engagement pic too!

    21. Congrats! When you know you just know!

    22. Bellesme says:

      Aww so cute! He looks so different with hair. Btw I love your wedding gown! =)

    23. Lydia says:

      Happy anniversary! It is Adam and my anniversary as well, but only 4 years for us. Hope you had a fabulous day together!

      P.S. I am still dreaming about the architecture of your MIL’s house. Ah-may-zing. Thanks for hosting that meet-up.

    24. Linda says:

      Happy Anniversary! It was mine too, the 3rd. I hope you two were able to have a lovely day. Love is the best!

    25. Becca says:

      Congratulations!! That is such an awesome story. Your kids will love to tell it when they are older.

    26. Sandra says:

      Congratulations!! On all the above! Finding love like that is pretty awesome huh? :))

    27. Marissa says:

      love this so much. happy anniversary to you!

    28. Shaela says:

      LOVE those vintage-y engagement photos! And what a beautiful dress – I love that it has such a history. :) John and I had a whirlwind courtship too… from the day we MET to the day we got MARRIED was 4.5 months!! And now it’s been 8+ years and we have 2 beautiful kiddos. Sometimes life (and love) just HAPPEN, you know? :)

    29. Scissors says:

      How wonderful! Happy anniversary! My husband and I had a very short courtship like yours. When you know, you know! :) We’ll be 11 years in less than 2 months.

      (Funny, we just got Adjustment Bureau via Netflix! Can’t wait to watch it now!)

    30. krystal says:

      thank you for sharing – so lovely. sometimes, when you know, you just know.

    31. Caitlin says:

      Congrats! my husband and I have almost the exact same timeline – we were married only 9 months after we got together (although, we had known each other for several years). it’s so good when it just feels right! we’ve been married now for a year and a half, can’t wait to get to 5!

    32. lol. I love how you spelt my name Faubis, that’s even more fabulous than Faubus!

      We just had our 6th anniversary the other day, time flies when you’re having fun!

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