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Chris and I went on a very simple Valentine’s date last night that included a little Valentine and a basically free dinner (what did I do without groupon?). It was a great way to spend Valentines since Chris is now unemployed.

On the card I made for Chris, I lettered the phrase, “You are my favorite.” I posted it in instagram and had such a big response, that I’m offering a printable version for $10. It’d be perfect on a gallery wall, a small nook in the entry way or cropped and perched atop your dresser.

This printable download can be printed professionally or from your home computer. The file is optimized for an 8×10 print, but can be easily cropped down to 8×8 or 5×7. Click the button below to purchase the file for $10.

Click here to purchase

Just a reminder, this is NOT for a print that will be mailed to you. It’s for the file that you can print, for personal use only. Email me if you have questions.¬†

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    1. Monica says:

      Love it! Will it be possible to have it printed on a different colored background? I’d love it in pink, yellow, or turquoise for my daughter’s room.

    2. natalie says:

      thanks! i’m excited to print this baby out.

      ps sorry to hear of the unemployment, that is so stressful.

    3. Shaela says:

      super cute!! But how is Christ unemployed?? I thought you just moved for his new job… :( so sorry to hear that

    4. natalie says:

      ps i just emailed you.

    5. megannielsen says:

      Melissa i LOVE this!! Yesterday when you tweeted it i kept thinking how much i’d love to hang this in my kids play room and now i can! Thank you! (ps you should definitely sell more prints :) xoxo)

    6. megannielsen says:

      wait, chris is unemployed?? I”m so so sorry to hear that! i know you just moved for his job – will be praying for you, i know that it must be a super stressful time. hugs xoxo

    7. mandie says:

      I love the chalkboard-y look. :)

    8. Sarah Stright says:

      This is totally adorable. I love how simple it is.

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    11. Sarah says:

      I love love love this!! I had the same question… Can the colors of the print be changed? I would love to frame it for my daughter’s room. I tell her she’s my favorite everyday!!

    12. Melissa says:


      Yes! The colors can be changed. Currently it’s in charcoal, cobalt and coral (seen here:, but you can change the colors by opening it in photoshop, clicking on the hue/saturation adjustment tool, clicking on colorize and using the sliders to find the right color.

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