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Recycled: What Not to Font


I’m finishing up some wedding invitations today, which made me think I should repost this baby: What Not to Font. This is always a fun topic to talk about, especially since this blog falls in the interesting gap between design & craft. So, here we go!

You’ll want to read this Good Look Cook Book post (or at least familiarize yourself with it). So what do you think? Should Zapfino die? What about Papyrus? Comic Sans?

Honestly, there are a few more I’d like to add to that list. I have no idea what the names of said fonts are, I just see them floating around on the interwebs. Rather than pointing & tsk-tsk ing those unnamed fonts, here are a few fonts that I’d love to see more of:

What fonts would you add to the “good” list? I’m no type aficionado, but I know what I like.

• U P D A T E  •

Here are some more to add to the “good” list (thanks to your suggestions!):


Recycled: Bleached Stripes


November of ’09 I snatched up a basic yellow tee & went to town bleaching stripes for a gift for my sister-in-law. I loved how it turned out & I nearly forgot all about that shirt. It’s getting me all excited for the Rit Dye party I’m going to have next week*.

Making this shirt was very easy, I just needed packing tape, indestructible flooring (cement), bleach & a toothbrush. I need to make one of these for me already! I’m thinking a bright pink might be in order, though!

*Chris if you’re reading this: Yeah, I’m having a craft party at our house. You have been warned. ;)

I’ve Come A Long Way


Below was my very first attempt at making my own clothing from scratch. I made it back in early 2009 while pregnant with Penelope. I started with simplicity pattern #3673 and added sleeves & a pleated skirt and frantically whipped it up late Saturday night before heading off to church.

I’ve learned a lot about construction & finishing hems since I made this dress. After this was a success, I made another one with buttons & legit button holes using some free fabric I scrounged. It was curtain fabric; aka “Sound of Music” fabric. I wore that a couple of times, but never photographed it.

I swapped both dresses with Sarah & she’s worn both of them, which just makes my day. I love how she wore my first dress: backwards. I had made the dress button up in the back, but I love how Sarah showcased the buttons in front. They really are cool. Doesn’t she have the coolest shoes ever?

Also, I love how Sarah wore the “Sound of Music” version with Western boots. Aren’t those babies killer? Sarah’s style just kills me some times.

On a side note, it’s so fun to look back at our old furniture (sold that chair back in SF) and our old apartment through my sewing documentation. I really wish that chair hadn’t been as broken as it was. It’s got killer bones. Also, the top photo was taken before I ever dreamed I’d own a DSLR. It just shows what you can do with a little natural light & photoshop.

Million Formula Cans Pt. II


It’s a good think that Penelope drinks so much, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to put Christmas presents in. Now I’m thinking, what am I going to do when she grows out of formula? Maybe I’ll just have to buy formula just for the cans. Or beg neighbors that have little ones for their leftover cans. I love those things.

This year I made marshmallows, caramels, chocolate-dipped meringue cookies. I feel a little guilty that I’m contributing to the annual sugar-induced coma. Oh well. At least they’re tasty.

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