Recycled: Bleached Stripes


November of ’09 I snatched up a basic yellow tee & went to town bleaching stripes for a gift for my sister-in-law. I loved how it turned out & I nearly forgot all about that shirt. It’s getting me all excited for the Rit Dye party I’m going to have next week*.

Making this shirt was very easy, I just needed packing tape, indestructible flooring (cement), bleach & a toothbrush. I need to make one of these for me already! I’m thinking a bright pink might be in order, though!

*Chris if you’re reading this: Yeah, I’m having a craft party at our house. You have been warned. ;)

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    1. Sandra says:

      That looks awesome! I might have to give that a go! I am thinking it would make adorable girls dresses too! And I am so thinking purple. YAY! Thanks for sharing! P.S. LOVING your blog! :) Have put your badge up on my blog! :)

    2. Libby K. says:

      Yes, I definitely remember this post. So cool. I bookmarked it at the time with hopes of using the idea for some sweet onesies…maybe I should get on that!

    3. how do I invite myself to the dye party? ;)

    4. I need to have a craft party what a fabulous idea! I was just thinking earlier today that I needed some yellow RIT dye to make a bedskirt…

    5. ira lee says:

      i love this. ive done it twice already. i did a yellow short sleeve. then i did a navy blue, the bleach turned the blue to the prettiest purple, i love it!

    6. Adorable! If not for living in the Northeast, I would be at your dye party in a split-second (I have a Gap tee with ruffles on the front that somehow got a bleach stain right in the front. I’m going to dye in Navy in hopes that it will go great with an old J.Crew seersucker skirt I have). Virtual party, anyone?

    7. melanie says:

      I love it and am having one of those “i wish i had thought of that” moments. hurray for playing with bleach ;)

    8. Bmerry says:

      On a side note: I got a pair of $16 dollar cowboy boots at the antique store yesterday. They look like the ones in this picture except they’re a tan color.

    9. Em says:

      I hope you post about your dying party! It’s such a fun idea. I’d like to use it as the theme of my next craft party!

    10. Jillian says:

      I absolutely LOVE this! I’m going to have to give it a go! I like it with the boots, too!

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