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Recycled: Biased Skirt



I have yet to fix the pleats on the front. One of these days.

  • yellow necklace: Brazil, $10
  • red necklace: handmade, $2
  • top: Ross, $10
  • skirt: handmade, $3
  • shoes: thrifted, $3

TOTAL: $28

Let’s Go to the Zoo


It was like 95ยบ today, so wearing thick denim probably wasn’t a great idea. Still, it’s been years since I’ve worn these, so it was nice to bust them out. It was also fun to go to the Zoo with the chilluns.

  • earrings: thrifted, $1
  • hairclip: hello shiso, $3
  • necklaces: Vintage Oddity, $18, In Honor of Design, c/o IHOD ($18)
  • top: Walmart, $4
  • bracelet: handmade
  • denim: TJ Maxx – Paper Denim, $10
  • shoes: Ross, $17

TOTAL: $53 ($71)

Clothing Swaps Are So Fun!

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Sarah from For The Love came over for a little swap. She got some maternity clothes & I got some killer shoes!


  • top: DownEast Basics, $10
  • necklace: handmade by my dad
  • jacket: ModBod, c/o ModBod
  • jeans: Ross, $15
  • shoes: swapped from Sarah

TOTAL: $25

Brand-New Kicks

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I swear about 4 years ago I promised I’d never own a pair of wedge booties. I’m eating those words today as I bought (and fell in love with) some pretty killer shoes. They’re comfy & a neutral tone that would go well with blacks or browns!

  • top: vintage, $14
  • belt: thrifted, $1
  • jeggings: H&M (which will be in Utah soon YAY!), $15
  • shoes: Ross, $16

TOTAL: $46

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