DIY: Cut out Leather Cuff


Not long ago, I was reminded of how fun it was to cut out leather into fancy shapes (much like my mom’s cookbook). Which spurred the idea of making some jewelry. I do love me some bracelets that don’t get in the way when I’m typing. I thought I’d share with you how I did it and a printable template for you.


Penelope sure loves wearing them, too. I’d love to see her start wearing more jewelry with me. Mommy daughter jewelry, how cute would that be? Let’s get started!



  • leather – vinyl or felt
  • jewelry findings – chain, jump rings and fasteners
  • Xacto knife
  • pliers
  • tape
  • cutting mat
  • scissors
  • hole punch (not pictured)

You don’t need a whole lot of leather for this project, a small scrap will do. I’ve used magnetic fasteners here and I love them, I don’t have to have any help or coordination in order to put the bracelet on!


Print out the template (two templates offered – angular and leafy) and cut it out and tape on leather. Be sure to tape all the way around the border.


Cut the cutouts first. Go slowly and try to remove any fibers from the corners.


Cut the border out and remove the template from the leather.


Punch a small hole in each end. I used the 1/16th inch hole punch from a craft store.


Put the leather piece around your wrist and measure how much chain you will need. Gather your findings and assemble the findings to the leather first. Then attach the clasp – especially if it’s a magnetic clasp. The magnets will stick to everything so it’ll make assembly more difficult if you do it the other way around.


Once you’re finished with assembly, wear with pride!


If you’re going to make the leafy one, you’ll want to take the two ends (pictured on the left) and attach them with one piece of chain in a v formation. attach the clasp to the middle with a jump ring. Enjoy!

Download the printable template below.


All printables and tutorials are subject to the following terms of use: Everything you see here is available free for personal use only. I love being featured all over, so if you do feature this project, link to the original project. If you would like to use this project for commercial use, please email Melissa using the contact feature above.
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    1. Kristie says:

      Love this. I love bracelets, but hate when they get in the way. Fashion vs. comfort.
      This is a fantastic idea. Now to find some leather. :)

    2. Winter says:

      That is so fancy and modern looking–I am going to need to propose this as our next Creative Girls Night Out activity! Thanks for a lovely idea!

    3. tiffany han says:

      Melissa, I love how you tackle seemingly-hard-core materials and make it all seem so doable – AND adorable! This is fantastic!!

    4. phil says:

      those bracelets rock \m/

    5. Alex says:

      These are fabulous – so many possibilities with shape and materials – I am seeing some charcoal felt ones at the moment.

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    8. Very cute. Thanks so much for sharing. I have some vinyl that would work beautifully for these. If we use an “inspired by” tag line, do you have any objection to folks making and selling them?

    9. Hi Melissa,
      Thanks so much for this tutorial! I just finished up the leafy bracelet and I love it! I used a dark teal leather and bronze findings, it looks so cute! You’re the best! I am going to try the geometric one next.

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