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Style: Cool Summer Night Out


I went out with my sister and her boyfriend on Saturday while the kiddos were gone. It was something like 70 degrees around our house, which felt a tad cold. The long sleeve dress seemed to remedy the ‘cold’ weather.


Style: Grey & Black & Fringe


Tuesday was really rainy and depressing, so I wore grey clothes to match. I made my necklace back in January and wear it ALL THE TIME. Maybe one of these years, I’ll share the tutorial with you.

Also, I’ve been letting my hair airdry these days. It usually has a ridiculous mind of its own, not knowing whether to be frizzy, straight or wavy. I’m liking what it did today, though.

Outfit details:

  • necklace: handmade
  • dress: Shade
  • belt: vintage
  • shoes: Campo Grande, Brazil

Simple Style: Yellow. Floral.

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Oh how this shirt makes me happy.

top: thrifted + refashioned

cardigan: Shade

denim: Pac Sun

shoes: Ruche

Keeping it Real. Always.


This is the status quo today. button up, sweater, old jeans, no makeup and bare feet. I wore so many cute outfits this week, but today is the one day I muster up the energy to take pictures. This is as real as it gets.

  • shirt: thrifted
  • sweater: Shade
  • jeans: Ross

Cool Kid


I feel like such a cool kid with my stack of bracelets.

  • scarf: H&M
  • sweater: Shade
  • top: Shade
  • bracelet: handmade
  • denim: H&M
  • boots: thrifted

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