Cool Kid


I feel like such a cool kid with my stack of bracelets.

  • scarf: H&M
  • sweater: Shade
  • top: Shade
  • bracelet: handmade
  • denim: H&M
  • boots: thrifted

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    1. sheri says:

      Just found your blog and LOVE it! I’m a (much older!!) mom of a 20, 15 and 3 year old and am determined to stay stylish and age appropriate. Your site is an inspiration! :)

    2. Kelly says:

      You look fantasic!
      I love the colors and of course the cheeriness :)

      Just stumbled upon your blog..although I’m having bad deja view so I may have said this before..
      But i’m following now so I won’t get lost anymore.

      Much love,

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