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Purple People Eater


Last Friday, one of Penelope’s friends had a birthday party. The theme was purple (Maren’s favorite color), and we all dressed up in purple – it was sort of a purple people eater theme. Genius idea, right?

In honor of the purple party I made Maren a little purple creature thing with some of the remaining bits of fabric I still have from my favorite SF bay area event: Fabmo. It’s been such a long time since I’ve made a stuffed creature, I forgot how easy & fun they are to make. As soon as I got my sewing machine to work correctly, this purple people creature took about 15 minutes to make. I used a brightly colored canvas material for the body, velvet embroidery thread for the “hair” and a fabric paint pen for the facial features & tramp stamp.

Did you make anything fun this weekend? Please share!

Homemade Playtime for Penelope


Girly Bean Bags

Does anyone else despise obnoxious talking Elmo toys? You know, the toys that make the annoying sounds and always get tossed aside whenever a cardboard box is present? I really don’t like those toys. I do like the ones that make real (not canned) noises when handled by exploring hands of little ones. It’s possible that I like my peace and quiet.

Two weeks ago, when my mother-in-law was in town, she suggested that I make Penelope some bean bags. I thought this idea was doubly radical* because my mom had just given me a 5 lb bag of white beans that were starting to look slightly aged. I also had remnant fabric from a few misc. projects including minky fabric from the quilt my mother made for Penelope.

Happily, all of the fabric seemed to coordinate very well. Really. What doesn’t look good with Heather Bailey fabric? Seriously. Heather Bailey is my hero.


I wanted to have a different texture on each bean bag to keep Penelope interested, but I don’t think it would’ve mattered, because she loves them so much anyway.

Penelope loves her beanbag

I finished sewing the fourth bag at about midnight two nights ago and less than 10 minutes later, Penelope woke up. She did NOT want to sleep, she wanted to play. I think she knew I had just made her a new toy.

Her face lit up when she saw the new bean bags and she giggled and clapped when Christopher started juggling them. It felt SO good to make her something she likes so much. She likes them so much I had a very hard time getting all four bags in one spot to take photos. Penelope kept taking one and running away from me. Sneaky girl.

*Awesome is losing power. Radical needs to take over the world.

Introducing Oleo Vonvurstenberg and Leather Baby Booties


Remember our little shadow friend that came to visit? Well, I decided to make him a reality, sans toothpick. I used smooth silk/linen fabric from fabmo (so soft for a little baby) for the body and velvet embroidery thread for the details. Velvet embroidery thread, while not cheap, is hands down my favorite to work with. It’s just so yummy! Without any further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Oleo Vonvurstenberg. He’s sweet, always happy to see you and loves curious little babies.

Oleo Vonvurstenberg


I also made a pair of regal baby booties in black. Leather. I just love this bitty booties pattern from Heather Bailey, it’s so easy to hand sew and even easier on the sewing machine.


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