Refashion: Granny Shirt


I found this granny shirt at D.I. on Saturday (along with a million other goodies you’ll probably see later). I thought the pattern & color was great, just not the shape. It was about 5 sizes too big for me, but at $2 I couldn’t pass it up.

I can’t quite decide if this pattern is kitschy or cool. We’ll go for cool for now.

This kind of refashion is super easy & takes very little time to do.

  • grab a tee-shirt that has similar fit to what you want to achieve flip it inside out
  • lay it flat on top of your garment that you want to adjust
  • fold the sleeves in along the shoulder seam
  • mark your cut lines – mark slightly larger than the tee – with tailors chalk or washable marker
  • match up the fold of the tee sleeves to the fold of the garment sleeves & make sure the hem of the garment sleeve is at your desired length
  • trace carefully just outside the shoulder seam & side seam

  • turn the garment & sleeves inside out & sew the side seams
  • then turn the sleeves right side out
  • nest the sleeve inside the garment & pin the sleeves to the shirt
  • make sure fold matches up with the shoulder & side seams match up
  • sew using 1/4 seam allowance  (or so)
  • turn right side out
  • iron if needed
  • wear!

After I was done, the sleeves were still a bit too wide, so I made those minor adjustments & then wore immediately. I did this all while Chris & I caught up on the latest season of Top Shot. It took me less than 30 minutes to refashion, but I made frequent stops along the way to watch our show. If you’re into survival-style reality shows that involve a real skill (and guns), you’ll love Top Shot.

After we caught up on our shows, we went for a drive in the crazy, crazy rain. We had a lot of fun stalking homes on Zillow & discovering some new-to-me, let’s-live-here neighborhoods. What did you do this weekend?

To see more photos & details about this $24 outfit, click here.

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  1. Amy says:

    Love the gray. And it looks cute on you, so it’s definitely not “kitschy”

  2. Just adorable. Must head to Goodwill today. :)

  3. Emily says:

    Now that it fits you perfectly I don’t think it’s kitschy.

  4. YES! Thank you! I love your shirt and have been trying to imagine how to alter this shirt I have that is literally 560 sizes too big. Now I see exactly how!! Thank you — I’ll be sure to link to you or email you when I complete it. You’re the best. :)

  5. Kati H says:

    The only part I don’t understand is when you sew the sleeves onto the shirt – how can the shirt be inside out, and the sleeves be right side out, and then you turn the whole thing right side out, and the sleeves not be sewn inside out? I’m stuck on the sleeves. Love it! When you make garments, I feel as though so can I!

  6. I love this! Agree with Kati, though, more pics and instruction on the sleeve plz – would LOVE to attempt this!!

  7. Pamela says:

    Love the shirt, it looks great on you. I have a few shirts that would be really cute if I could take them in alittle. Also, we love Top Shot (not to mention Kolby Donaldson!)my boys get such a kick out of it.

  8. ah yes the art of studying an mls…house hunting one of my favorite pastimes. my husband and I go in unlocked repos all the time. I cannot wait until I sell me house!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Joy says:

    Wow!! You made that look great!! I would probably not have taken a second look at it, but you have a fantastic eye for seeing the potential!

  10. That must be the easiest refashion ever… and cheapest! I haven’t spied any tees to try this, but am on the look out now!

  11. CK says:

    Oh goodness! This turned out SO cute!

  12. Bmerry says:

    I upcyclced some shopping bags to make super fabulous wrapping paper, worked as Miss Bean’s personal driver, and then went to the most extravagant 3oth birthday/ bachelorette party I had ever been to.

  13. Grace says:

    wow. I LOVE this. you have inspired me to be more open minded at the Goodwill.


  14. Scissors says:

    Oh dang! I wish I could fly you over here to teach me in person. I am soooo not good at following written directions! :)

  15. ThursdayGirl says:

    Love..Love..LOVE this idea! We’re featuring it over at this Friday!

  16. I love it! Thanks for the How-to.

  17. Alright, mamacita, I have completed this tutorial and just blogged about it:

    Thanks so much for your guidance; wouldn’t have known how to pull this off otherwise. I love the way it turned out :)

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  19. Hanna says:

    This looks fabulous! I love the color and those white accessories.

  20. Stacy says:

    I desperately need a sewing machine now!

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  22. Maria says:

    Oh my!!! I want to do this to ever shirt I’ve seen at the thrift store and loved the pattern but hated the shape! Thank you :)

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