Travel Handmade: Find my Earbuds


I’m thrilled to part of Sewing Summit’s Travel Handmade series! Today’s theme is all about tags, & other misc travelling accessories. While brainstorming last night I had a hard time deviating from the typical suitcase tag, but then it hit me this morning (I’m a last-minute kinda gal). The last 3-4 times I’ve traveled, I’ve completely forgotten to bring headphones or earbuds! That’s miserable on a plane. Every single time I think – how did I let this happen again?!

I surely hope I’m not the only one that finds herself without headphones when headphones would certainly come in handy. This morning I whipped up a fringed pouch, using my fringed pouch pattern & tutorial I developed for N.E.E.T.’s July magazine. It’s the perfect size for a pair of minimal earbuds.

I followed my instructions exactly, but this time using a thinner, more sewable leather. It took about 20 minutes to make from start to finish. I found the ball chain attached to my new Erin Templeton purse, so I just punched a hole in my pouch & attached the little chain. Alternatively you could attach the pouch with ribbon, jewelry chain or even just let the pouch roam aimlessly in the confines of your purse. These leather pouches wear really well with age.

I’m teaching at Sewing Summit in October! I’ll be teaching about refashioning & bringing old clothes to life. You should really come.

ALSO, I won an Erin Templeton purse on a giveaway! Can you believe it? It came in the mail & I can’t stop stroking it. It’s gorgeous.

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    2. That is perfect for earbuds (and dang cute too).

    3. Mrs C says:

      Oh my goodness!! How adorable is that! Would be perfect when traveling with jewelry!
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    5. Miss B. says:

      So darn cute, I am always in awe of your creativity.

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    7. me says:

      it’s SO cute!

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