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Leather Cuff Wallet Tutorial


Last month when Jill & I were brainstorming together, she mentioned that she wanted to make a wallet for her husband’s birthday. Immediately I thought of a wallet I’d been thinking of making for some time. It was gosh probably over a year ago, I went to Tandy with Susan & the guy helping us wanted to show us a picture & pulled off his cuff to reveal his wallet was the cuff! I just remember thinking 1) that’s rad & 2) why haven’t I thought of that?

Click here to see the full outfit

Jill & I spent an afternoon working out the pattern & shooting this tutorial a few weeks ago & it’s high time I share the how-to with you. This project is a perfect handmade man gift that looks super cool, is super functional & easy to make. I’m sure I’m going to find myself making a bunch of these for the men in my family for Christmas.

This tutorial includes patterns for both men’s & women’s sizing. I’m loving my cuff, by the way. It’s perfect for going to shows or out dancing when all you need is some cash and an ID. ALSO, I fully plan on sporting one of these at the Sewing Summit in a few weeks. It’s the perfect place to stash business cards.


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