Thrifty & Chic: Italian Leather Boots


I think it was 6 years ago for Christmas, I asked for stylish black leather flat boots. My mom, dad & I searched HIGH & low for the perfect pair for the right price. Apparently flat stylish winter boots weren’t in style at that time, because it took several weeks of diligent search before we found a pair that worked. Those boots have most certainly served me well over the years, but they’re dying. It’s so sad to see them go.

This year I was hoping to find a pair of flat black leather boots before the snow started to fall. I was definitely willing to spend some decent money on a pair, especially if they’d last 6+ years. Well, I found my replacements. I shelled out many a pretty penny for them. Like 600 pennies. That’s pennies, not dollars. Oh. My. Gosh.

These boots are gorgeous in person. They’re Italian leather boots with pristine leather soles. I’m not sure I’ve ever owned a pair of shoes so well constructed in my life! I haven’t been able to go more than a day or two without wearing them since I bought them; they seem to match with everything & they’re perfect for tired pregnant feet.

Have you scored any good deals this week? Please share & leave links in the comments! I loved seeing what you shared last week. Amy Lou found a box full of vintage cameras, Michelle found 2 industrial cutting mats for $3, Erin found the raddest white lamp for $5 (I’m so jealous over it, btw), and Sarah found mustard yellow pumps & a striped skirt for uber cheap.

Also, if you’re interested, I started a new section on my blog that’s all about fashion. Well, I really just started a new blog – I Still Love Fashion. I plan to post outfit pictures & details of my outfits on a regular basis. Right now I’m posting non-maternity maternity outfits – as I have yet to buy any “maternity” clothes so far.

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    1. amanda ann says:

      the dress in the top picture of the post linked above is my favorite, it’s a vintage dress worth at least 80 dollars where I looked online and I got it for 10.

    2. Emily says:

      Fantastic find! You look great in these pictures. I’m excited about your new blog. I’m going to check it out right now.

    3. NG says:

      I love that you are wearing non-maternity as maternity. I did that up until the end (minus dress pants for work). I bought those jeggings from Wal Mart and wore them up until the end and after! :) Great pics and a fun blog.

    4. Jillian says:

      I too am super excited about your new blog! You do look fabulous; as always!

    5. you’re so pretty! WoW! I wish i could find deals like that!

    6. Tori says:

      You are seriously a cute pregnant lady! I can’t wait to check out your new blog!!

    7. Erin says:

      italian boots… i am speechless. you are one lucky girl!

    8. Laurie says:

      I love your new blog! Way to go on being fashionable while pregnant! I have decided to just give up in that department.

    9. Bree Cantu says:

      So cute… I think for a half a second I just wished I was pregnant again and I have a 2 month old lol!

      Here’s a link to my blog post about the best $20 I’ve ever spent at a garage sale… This year for Thanksgiving I’ve got the power to make 8lbs of mashed potatoes with the flip of a switch… aaaah.

    10. stacy says:

      this last week i scored two cute dresses with the original tags still on for $6 each! one was maternity – awesome, and the other was a gorgeous ann taylor loft dress that is two sizes too big, therefore fits my big belly. i was so happy since maternity clothes are stinking expensive!

    11. I am in love with your boots! And your new Fashion blog is super cute!

    12. AWESOME! So happy about your fashion blog!

    13. Amy Lou says:

      Thanks for the mention, Melissa. That second picture of you is so cute! I have several pairs of heeled boots but never wear them because they hurt my back. I think it’s time to follow suit and buy some flat boots.

    14. Laura says:

      They’re really nice (and sooo italian, as well!)…I adore flat shoes. And ya know, you’re so cute!
      Love from Rome, Italy!

    15. Stacy says:

      Super cute. I’m dying to know where you scored the boots? Online?

    16. SarahJane says:

      Your boots are bomb girl!

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