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We went to the 20 week ultrasound this morning & found out a few things:

First, we’re having a B-O-Y!! Chris and I couldn’t be more excited. I think Chris is already day dreaming of teaching his soon-to-be son to weight lift. We’re pretty sure he’s a Mr. Felix, but we have no ideas for a middle name. I like Domino, but of course I’m the only one. Do you have any ideas for good middle names?

Second, we found out that my due date is not January 30th like I had originally been told.¬†Hallelujah! The adjusted due date is February 20th. Normally I would want to have this baby out as soon as possible, BUT with Altitude Design Summit on the 21-23 of January, I can’t help but skip with delight that it’s considerably less¬†likely that I’ll go into labor during the conference. WAHOO!

Third, the technician found there’s more fluid in the ventricle of the brain than normal. She said it’s just enough out of the range of normal that we need to monitor it, but it’s very likely that there’s nothing to worry about. Of course that means that I’m worried about it. I’ll go in tomorrow for a second, in-depth ultrasound. I’m praying that this baby is healthy and normal, but I know that God knows we’ll love this baby no matter what.

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    1. Linz says:

      CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3 So happy for you and the (growing) family!

      I like Felix Craig, it has a nice ring to it. Or Felix Scott? Something with one syllable :)

    2. Jill k says:

      That’s great!! Prepare to have your heart stolen by your mama’s boy:)


      I totally love the name Felix!

    4. Erin says:


    5. Deborah says:

      Congrats! I didn’t even realize when I met you that you are pregnant! I am also having a boy, due the middle of March. I hope everything goes well in the ultrasound and that the little guy is healthy!

    6. Ashley says:

      Congrats! My birthday is Feb 19 – it’s a great time of year for a birthday. Felix is an adorable name. Felix Michael? Felix Cooper? Felix Andrew? You can have totally fun with a first name like Felix! Congrats again.

    7. abby says:

      Congrats!! I hope that your everything is ok with little Felix and that they can see everything very clearly during the ultrasound tomorrow.

    8. Emily says:

      Congrats! Love the name Felix!

    9. Katie says:

      Congrats! I’m due February 15th with a girl and my due date was adjusted from January 30!! But I found out about the adjustment at 10 weeks (what I thought was 12…). It’ll be fun to follow along with what you’re doing in prep for your baby.

    10. LinnMarie says:

      Wow!! I knew it!!! I just knew it. ha ha. I wish my sister had told me and I didn’t have to read about it ;).. I am so excited for you guys!

    11. Elaine says:


    12. Natalie says:

      Congrats Missy!! James and I are very excited for you!

    13. Ana says:

      Congratulations! Best of luck to you guys, hopefully it is really nothing to worry about.

    14. Amy says:

      Boys rock! And Felix is such a cool name. How ’bout Alistair?

    15. Chris Esplin says:

      Linz, I think you’re in the lead with Felix Scott. Melissa’s maiden name is Scott, and I have a brother named Scott; therefore, our extended family currently includes a Melissa Scott Esplin and a Scott Esplin. Felix Scott Esplin would fit right in.

    16. Lillian says:

      Congratulations! How perfect! I’ll be praying for you that everything’s ok. But like you said, it’s most likely going to be.

    17. Faith says:

      Congratulations! Having a boy is a lot of fun. I hope everything is okay but know that you’ll handle it brilliantly no matter what.

      I would rather be due towards the end of February too…I’m due on January 31st and I’m agonizing of whether it would be feasible to get Sundance passes this year. We normally go see a several movies but going to the festival while hugely pregnant might not be super fun.

    18. Ohh yay! Congratulations!!! Praying for all things good with your next ultrasound!
      My top five middle names to go with Felix would be:

      Good luck tomorrow :)

    19. Emma says:

      Congratulations. Hope all goes well with the ultrasound.

    20. stacy says:

      so happy for you and hope all is well. felix is such an awesome name, i’m sure the perfect middle name will come to you!

    21. Tori says:

      Congrats on the boy! It will be fun to have one of each! Middle names are hard…maybe you could stick with a solid intial….like Felix D. or Felix N….I guess that makes him sound really business like at such a young age…h aha! Good luck!

    22. Congratz on the baby boy. I’m sure he will fit his name perfectly :)

    23. Hanna says:

      Love the name Felix, I knew an adorable little Felix, it just seems like a cuddly little boy name to me. Sending up a prayer that he is well!

    24. Jennifer says:

      Congratulations on finding out it’s a boy!
      I’ll send up a prayer for your lil’ ones health :)

    25. Kat says:

      Congratulations! I love the name too. We are going to have such troubles with names when we have kids cause Corey and I never agree on them. I think Felix Ray or Felix Cohen sound cute.

    26. You are beautiful, your outlook on your baby is beautiful, and I love love lovey the name Felix. Prayers for you and your baby! Congrats!

    27. Julia says:

      I am SO happy for you! I still hope you name him Phineas James. But I think Felix James sounds really nice. :) What about Chris? That would be a good middle name, too!

    28. b.a. says:

      ooooh! i’m jeal.ous. i love the name felix. how ’bout felix graham???

    29. danielle says:

      CONGRATULATIONS! my birthday is february 20. it’ll be lovely to share that day with a wonderful little boy :)

    30. ashlee says:

      Congratulations! Praying for you and your little one. :)

    31. Nicia says:

      Congrats! Isn’t it great to know you are going to have one of each now!? That’s exactly how I felt. You have best of both worlds! Hope all goes well tomorrow. I seriously can’t believe you are actually excited to have the due date a few weeks LATER!

    32. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! I wonder what Penelope thinks about having a baby brother to protect?

      The name Felix is perfect, as for middle names..
      Felix Scott fits well and I also like Felix Damon, Felix Cooper and Felix James but that’s just me and it’s your baby so it’s up to you :)

    33. Laura chavous says:

      I will be praying for your precious little one to be 100% healthy! felix is an adorable name!

    34. Deanna says:

      Congrats! The mother/son bond is so different than the mother/daughter bond. I’m excited for you :)

    35. Congratulations! I adore the name Felix. Boys’ names are so much harder to choose than girls’ names, I find.

      I hope all goes well for you at the next ultrasound appointment.

    36. Nikki CB says:

      Congratulations Melissa!! We’ll be thinking of you. Hope things go well going forward. We just found out we are having a boy too! Due Feb. 3 :) We still use the lovely green hooded towel you made for our first little guy!

    37. Tauni says:

      Yay Melissa! So exciting!!! Now, I hope you can find yourselves a lovely, affordable home with lots of space for children and crafting!

    38. brandi g says:

      congrats to you and your family! how exciting! definitely praying all is clear in your next ultrasound. i’m just recently a new Auntie and while watching the delivery of my neice i couldn’t help cry over the miracle that is new life. so so happy for you!

      and i seriously love the name felix. i also throw my vote in for scott as the middle name. great ring to it.

    39. Erin says:

      Woohoo! Yeah for boys. You’re going to have so much fun. What does Penelope think? Good luck with the next ultrasound. I add my prayers to all the others that little Felix healthy.

    40. Congratulations!
      My husband and I decided we are going to give our kids fun middle names, after all not many people use their middle names. My sons name is Brody Chopper (like a helicopter) my mom didn’t believe me when I told her his name :)

    41. Katie says:

      i LOVE Felix… i don’t think i have my husband convinced though!

    42. Louise says:

      Congrats! I love the name. Unusual but familiar.

    43. Kami says:

      Yay a boy! I have loved having a boy!

      I’m so happy for you guys!

    44. How exciting! Yay for boys!!

    45. Marissa says:

      CONGRATULATIONS guys! I think you should name him Felix Casanova because you know the ladies are gonna LOVE him! :)

      Boys are awesome creatures. You are so blessed to have a matching set!

    46. Laurie says:

      That is so funny cause MY due date is Feb 20th. I’m amazed at how far off they guessed it. I hope everything turns out well for you. We think ours is a girl, but Brett really wants it to be a boy!

    47. Tamara says:

      Congratulations! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

    48. Lili says:

      How exciting! Congratulations!

    49. Bri says:

      Congrats Melissa and Chris!! That is so exciting! I don’t have any name suggestions…boy names are my nemesis. Rilo was born on February 20th so I’d say that’s a good day.

      And I’m glad you’re going to Alt. I wil be there too!!

    50. Emily A says:

      Hurray! Congrats Melissa! He’s going to be darling!! You and I are both having boys and our due dates are the same week! So Awesome!

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