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We went to the 20 week ultrasound this morning & found out a few things:

First, we’re having a B-O-Y!! Chris and I couldn’t be more excited. I think Chris is already day dreaming of teaching his soon-to-be son to weight lift. We’re pretty sure he’s a Mr. Felix, but we have no ideas for a middle name. I like Domino, but of course I’m the only one. Do you have any ideas for good middle names?

Second, we found out that my due date is not January 30th like I had originally been told.¬†Hallelujah! The adjusted due date is February 20th. Normally I would want to have this baby out as soon as possible, BUT with Altitude Design Summit on the 21-23 of January, I can’t help but skip with delight that it’s considerably less¬†likely that I’ll go into labor during the conference. WAHOO!

Third, the technician found there’s more fluid in the ventricle of the brain than normal. She said it’s just enough out of the range of normal that we need to monitor it, but it’s very likely that there’s nothing to worry about. Of course that means that I’m worried about it. I’ll go in tomorrow for a second, in-depth ultrasound. I’m praying that this baby is healthy and normal, but I know that God knows we’ll love this baby no matter what.

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    1. Emily A says:

      Hurray! Congrats Melissa! He’s going to be darling!! You and I are both having boys and our due dates are the same week! So Awesome!

    2. Amanda says:

      Many congrats. The time will zoom by–just have to get through winter and you’ll meet your little boy!

    3. Anne says:

      Congratulations and good luck! I know it’s scary when there’s even the possibility of something being wrong. Good thing you have that move to focus on.

    4. tiffany says:

      oh yay! how exciting to have a boy!

    5. nicole b. says:

      Going through your older posts about le bebe! Congrats on your baby boy!

      Felix is a fantastic name! I tend to like old-fashioned names, so my middle name picks are:

      Felix Oliver
      Felix Charles
      Felix William
      Felix Scott
      Felix Edward
      Felix Austen
      Felix Beckett
      Felix Bishop
      Felix David
      Felix Russell
      Felix Samuel

      Enjoy the name game! xoxo.

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