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2019 Easter Treat Box Free Printable


This post is sponsored by Canon. 

I’ve been a long-time Canon printer fan. I previously had, and LOVED, the Canon MG5620 for 5 years and loved it (here’s the newer version at $75). When I got the opportunity to try their TS9521C Craft Printer, I jumped at the chance! I set it up successfully all by myself. In an afternoon.

The craft printer boasts printing 12×12 borderless, I’ve ALSO successfully been able to print borderless 11×17 as well. So score, right? A larger printer that can handle bigger print and cut projects that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?? I’m sold. 

See the bottom of the post for the download, but if you want the low-down for this printer, check out my pros and cons list. 


  • Easy set up
  • Pre-loaded templates
  • Wireless Printing
  • 12×12 borderless printing*
  • Scanner
  • Duplexing Scanner
  • Front and Rear feeds for different media types


  • Scans legal sized paper, not 12×12
  • It’s not compact
  • Front tray doesn’t work well with thicker paper

These cons by all means aren’t deal breakers at all. It would be amazing to have a larger-format scanner, but it does do 9×12, so that’s pretty darn great. The size of the TS9521C is a fair amount larger than my older Pixma MG5320, but that’s to be expected of a larger-format printer. Just don’t expect it to fit in to super tight spaces. ;) And the front tray doesn’t work well with all of my card stocks. It works with Neenah card stock, but not letterpress. HOWEVER, that’s what the rear tray is for! It’s great to have that option so I can work with thicker card stocks no sweat. 

The cons list aren’t really cons because I’m so excited about this printer. 

*It doesn’t print borderless as a default setting. When you select print, you’ll see the option in print settings where you can select a borderless option in the paper size selection area. See image below. 

I painted up this floral and made a print and cut, and didn’t have to worry about borders. I’d call that a win. 

The box dimensions are 3.75 x 3.75 x 1 inches; It’s the perfect size for a few candies or a cookie. The perfect little treat to gift to someone in celebration of this Easter week. 

There’s something about Easter that makes me go for blues and greens. See below for different file downloads. 

PDF Easter Print & Hand Cut

Silhouette Print & Cut File

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This post is sponsored by Canon. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

2011 Christmas Candy Box Freebie


I am so excited to share with you this year’s candy box!! This is the FIFTH year I’ve done the candy box download, which basically means it’s a real tradition now. I love traditions.

I’ve been thinking about what to do for this box since sometime in September, but haven’t nailed any design/style ideas until a couple weeks ago. I recently bought Folding Techniques for Designers a book all about taking paper into 3 dimensions. I’m loving it & learning a TON from it. Between that book & tribal pattern inspiration, I give to you this year’s box:

I’m not sure what it is entirely, but it definitely has a very scandinavian feel. This box is a BREEZE to cut out & fold (I say this about a million times in the video, it’s embarrassing) you’ll be able to make one for every one of your neighbors. This box measures about 2″x4″x2″. If you’d like it bigger, take it to your local printer & have them blow it up on 11×17 paper. If you can, print them on an inkjet printer, you’ll get better folds this way. Also, you’ll want to print on a mid-weight paper. Thick card stock is a bit much, unless you’re going for a bigger box.

I’ve yet to make caramels this year, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it. If not, I might just do a stack of chocolate-dipped cookies in here. It’s really the perfect size for macarons. I also plan on using Pugly Pixel’s glitter tape tutorial for sealing the box.

Enjoy! Click the button below to download & be sure to watch the video tutorial explaining how to fold it up! For previous year’s boxes click on the links below:

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This tutorial/freebie is free for personal use and should not be distributed/republished without my consent. Altering the file NOT ALLOWED. If you would like to use this printable for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!

Easter Egg Basket Printable


I just can’t believe that Easter is this weekend! Does anyone else feel completely unprepared for the weekend festivities?

My lovely neighbor, Susan, kindly reminded me that it was Easter this weekend and that an Easter printable would be a good idea. I agree! I think y’all need something festive to adorn your Easter spread this weekend. So, with much excitement, I present to you a new freebie!!

Isn’t it so cute?!? It’s the perfect size for chocolate goodies, a hard boiled egg or (my favorite) a generous handful of Starburst Jelly Beans. The finished dimensions measure about 4.5″ x 2.25″ x 2″. All you have to do is print out on cardstock, cut, score, tape and fill! You’ll want some decorative ribbon to tie the tops together and maybe some Easter grass to use as filling. I didn’t have any grass, so I just cut thin strips of tissue paper. I really like how the tissue paper looks. Give it a try sometime!

I really hope you enjoy this printable and USE IT! I plan on using these for place settings for dinner this Sunday. Oh, and if you don’t celebrate Easter, it’s sort of holiday neutral, so feel free to use it for anything. Ever! Click on the button below to download for free. Hope you enjoy!!

This printable is free for personal use. If you would like to use this printable commercially, please email me. Thanks!

Second Annual Christmas Candy Box Printable


Merry Christmas! I hope y’all will be spreading the Christmas spirit with my candy boxes and your favorite homemade confections. I know I will. Here’s the second annual Christmas box design available for free! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. This download is free for personal use only.

Caramels That Won’t Fail

Dorothy Schettler
Makes about 200 one-inch squares

2 sticks butter (or 1 cup)
1 1/2 cups Karo syrup
4 cups sugar
2 cans evaporated milk

Butter a jelly roll pan, set aside. In a large pot, melt butter, add Karo syrup, then sugar. Cook until boiling. Slowly add evaporated milk so candy won’t stop boiling, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon. Cook to firm ball stage (235º on candy thermometer. Pour into buttered pan and cool 5 hours or overnight. Cut in 1″ squares, wrap in wax paper, and eat or give away. This recipe is also good for caramel apples. FYI.

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