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Thanks everyone for all of the well-wishes here & on twitter! Your kind words have made my week. Felix & I are doing well (he’s currently asleep on my chest), I’ll give a full update on Monday. Also, a huge thanks to Carrie of Bedtime Tales for offering her talents with a guest post and a printable! I’ve known Carrie since my college days in ’06. She’s such a kind, creative person. Penelope & I will definitely be doing this project soon.

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Since Melissa introduced me to blogging, I began to explore the “blog world” a little deeper and I found that it is a wonderful thing to share beautiful, personal art online.  So, once my artsy sister, Becka, started her own blog, I jumped aboard with both feet. Now, after almost a year of craft-blogging, I can say that I find the free-sharing of creative ideas and projects more satisfying than ever!

My sister and I run a blog that fits well into the “creative living” category, posting about family recipes or DIY projects.  However, our personal specialties are found in bedtime toys and tales (hence our blog title, Made by Bedtime tales).  Becka likes to create cuddly, homemade stuffed animals and dolls.  I love to capitalize on original stories and illustrations for my kids.

Our dream is to one day sell handmade, ornate, small wooden puppet stages that you can share with your children at bedtime.  Until Becka and I get that dream up and running, however, we’d like to share with you a small, printable puppet stage pattern!

I’ve seen a number of online patterns for “green” doll houses made out of recycled cardboard boxes.  Well, this is a similar idea here, only we’ve designed a way to make a puppet stage out of an old, empty kleenex box and some cardstock.  This pattern comes with some printable puppets that attach to popsicle sticks and a funky ad-libs script for your own fun, family-night puppet show.

So, please enjoy the FREE printable pattern ;)

And thank you, Melissa, for all the years of free printables, tutorials and fun DIY projects!




This printable is free for personal use & should NOT be distributed or republished without consent. Altering files is NOT ALLOWED. If you’d like to use this for commercial purposes, please email Carrie.

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    1. Dianne says:

      This is adorable! I always loved doing puppet shows when I was a kid, and the Kleenex box idea is genius. My favorite story was always the Three Billy Goats Gruff, too, so AWESOME. ;D

    2. Lacy says:

      I downloaded but when I went to extract it says it is password protected

    3. Laura Noble says:

      hey, congrats on the birth of Felix – hope you’re both well :)

    4. Emily says:

      Love the puppet theater. Congrats on Felix’s arrival!!!!

    5. Niki Turner says:

      One of my favorite childhood memories is the puppet theater my mom made me from a cardboard box. I used my paper dolls as actresses. Thanks for resurrecting a fun memory!

    6. Marissa says:

      Melissa!!! Congratulations to you, Chris, and Penelope! I can’t wait to see pictures of Felix and hear some of his birth story. My best to you all!!!

      (Did I use enough exclamation points?! Hahaha!)

    7. Melissa! I am so glad to hear that Felix is resting on your chest! Enjoy your time at the hospital and enjoy what rest you can get! Congratulations!!!

    8. Katie says:

      Congratulations:)! So happy to hear that Felix is here and healthy! Carrie- thanks for sharing the adorable printable!

    9. Nicia says:

      Super cute! Congrats on the new baby Melissa!! Can’t wait to see pictures. :)

    10. Sephora says:

      I like you blog so much that I choose you for a pize. You can see it on my blog, here if you want.

    11. DeeAnna says:

      Congratulations on baby Felix (dreamy name by the way!) I’ve been checking you blog to hear the big news!!

    12. nicole b. says:

      Congrats! Can’t wait to hear more about Felix! xo.

    13. Joanne says:

      What a fun little stage!

    14. Had to stop by and see CK’s latest creative project! What a wonderful way to upcycle a tissue box and give a child hours of fun using their imagination!

    15. Dell says:

      WOW! This is excellent. I can see the grandchildren liking this. Thanks for sharing. Dell

    16. crystal says:

      I have downloaded the free printable and know it will not allow me to open it says that it is all password protected.

    17. susanbrown says:

      What is the password to get the 3 billy goats gruff pdf’s to open.

    18. kewkew says:

      This looks so cool. Unfortunately I can not get it to open. As mentioned above it says it can’t find the destination.

    19. Lindsey says:

      This is too cute! Is there a solution yet to the error trying to open the file? such a sweet sweet memory!

    20. leslie says:

      Hi there!
      I cannot also access your adorable printable. Please email me a copy.

      Thank you!

    21. Suzie says:

      Hi! I would love an email with the file too. I’m having the same trouble as everyone else. Thank you!! – Suzie

    22. Nikole says:

      Hi, I would love the file too !
      Thank you , Nikole

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