Cheater, Cheater


It’s been a good year since I last fit into my favorite skinnies, but I’m getting SO CLOSE! Here are the facts: I can put them on, but I can’t button them up without a seriously uncomfortable muffin top. That’s not putting me down, though. I just remedied that.

With two minutes, my sewing machine & 3 1/2 inches of bias tape, I can wear my skinnies again. They just button in a different loop. I was getting really annoyed with scouring the house for a sturdy-enough rubber band or dealing with the muffin top that I did this.

Just take 3-4 inches of bias tape (1/2 inch, double fold) & sew a loop onto the edge of your waistband, adjacent to the button hole. You’ll want to pin the same side of each end onto the denim so it creates the kind of loop pictured above. Sew & wear! Time yourself. I betcha you can do this in less than 1 minute.

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    1. Laura says:

      Seriously? I love you. I have just been only wearing those I-can-almost-fit-them pants around the house and glaring at myself in the mirror. Darn squishy empty-baby-house tummy. This is a brilliant idea!

    2. Sarah Jane says:

      I have a seriously hard time believing you don’t fit into any jeans you want. You tiny thing. I would need some hecka work done to any of my pants in order to fit. Booooo.

    3. Amy says:

      Why didn’t I think of that? I have this pair of pants that cost a fortune and it bugs me so much that I am so close (yet so far) from fitting into them nicely. This is going to help me out big time! Thank you :)

    4. Amy says:

      heck yes. I’m using this idea.

    5. oooh i LOVE! smarty smart smart!

    6. Venassa says:

      That’s an awesome idea!

    7. Anna @ IHOD says:

      I need to do this to a few of mine!

    8. Allison says:

      awesome… muffin tops are the worst.

    9. Nina Designs says:

      Great Idea! I might have to do that!!

    10. Laura says:

      Good idea. And you look dang good. It’s hard to imagine you having a muffin top, unless we are talking about those mini muffins.

    11. Kim says:

      I had to do this too (before and after the baby was born). I just used a little ponytail holder. This is a much cuter idea.

    12. linda says:

      That’s not cheating. All hail to creativity!

    13. Amy says:

      This is a brilliant idea. It would have been especially helpful after my son was born and things weren’t quite fitting like they should.

    14. erin says:

      This is a brilliant solution :)

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    16. Leslie says:

      I’m loving you right now! Doing this to my skinnies tomorrow :)

    17. Pranita says:


    18. ANDREA says:


    19. Good trick. I will use it for my son who has a autism and cannot use the button of the trousers. Thank you for the idea!!! Love from Spain

    20. Joyce says:

      This is a bit like what I did when I was pregnant. I would loop a shoe string through the buttonhole of my jeans, then tie it around the button. It worked as long as I wore a long blouse!

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    22. Nimmi says:

      Great idea …. I also used a rubber band cos I almost suffocated & collapsed wearing waist tight jeans!!! Thank you heaps for a permanent solution. :)

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    24. lizette munoz says:

      Thank u excelent trick did it on my sons shorts!!

    25. Maria casillas says:

      very good idea, now i will keep using my favor pants….thanks.

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