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Cutting my Own Stamps & Silhouette Promo


You know I’m obsessed with making custom stamps. I’ve made countless business card stamps, return address stamps for others (and finally myself). They’re fun and satisfying to reprint the same thing over and over with just a small gesture.

Silhouette just came out with a stamp material you can cut with their machines (or X-acto knives – low-tech is okay, too!).

Unfortunately the material isn’t optimized for the small details needed in return address stamps (narrowest recommended line is 1/16th inch), but that’s no matter. It’s still incredibly fun to play with. Think of it as your own lineocut material you don’t have to cut by hand.


I cut out about 15 miniature hearts and arranged them as a repeat on the stamp block for a fun detail for a thank you note. It took me under 5 minutes to design cut and stamp. Love the instant gratification here!


Miriam made a little tag for her daughter’s outerwear. Can we all collectively Oooh! and Aaah! over the amazing blazer and name tag she just made? Come on Miriam. You’ve out-done yourself.

Penelope needs her name on the inside of her outerwear, too. So in true Melissa fashion, I’m copying. I would hate for this 12 hour sewing project to get lost!


Penelope was over the moon about her new stamp. She’s been chomping at the bit to use it. Finally I affixed it semi-permanently to a block. What did she do? She stamped up business cards for herself. She’s been handing them out all morning. Like mother, like daughter.

I know I’ll be using this material a lot in the future, so look out. Silhouette is showcasing this material for the month’s promotion. Get it for 20% off or with a cutter at a steeper discount. Use code MELISSA at checkout to redeem the offer.


I’ve had a few people ask about my candid thoughts about the product, so here’s more information:

  • It didn’t cut all the way through the material at first. But I forgot to ratchet up the blade to the correct depth (duh moment for me), but customer service was incredibly helpful.
  • There’s no need to reverse designs. The material is reversible.
  • The ink pad that comes with the kit is really tacky. Not my favorite, but it seems to print alright. I was pleased with the results with my dye ink pads.
  • The blocks don’t curve up on the corners so it’s pretty easy to mis-print. Simply wipe excess ink from the corners before stamping.
  • Overall: I’m a huge fan.
I am a Silhouette affiliate. I wouldn’t blog about their products unless I really loved them. And I do. I receive a portion of sales made with the promotional code MELISSA, so thank you for your support!!


DIY Mason Jar Sippy and Silhouette


It’s been nearly 4 years since I DIY-ed my first sippy mason jar and the trend is still going strong!! I’d love to get my hands on one of those cute daisy lids, but for now I’ll just DIY my own.


I’m addicted to soda water. It’s just about the only way I get my daily water in. Add a few chopped fruits for a little bit of sweet and a lot of vitamins. We make our own soda water with the soda siphon we’ve had for over a year. We love it so much, we burn through 2 chargers a day. Maybe more. I want to DIY a soda water fountain next to our faucet. I know we’d use it.

I dressed up my little mason jar with a little calligraphy bling. I lettered, cut and slapped this little decal on in no time. And of course, while we’re on the topic of vinyl (like that segue?), Silhouette is having a deal on vinyl, get it with a new machine or buy one get one free. Use code MELISSA at checkout. Valid through August 14th.


I am a Silhouette affiliate. I wouldn’t blog about their products unless I really loved them. And I do. I receive a portion of sales made with the promotional link above, so thank you for your support!!

Crafting with Children


I’m watching my friend’s children today; they’re six, seven and eight. They’re also incredibly adorable how they dote on Felix and party with Penelope.

This morning was a tad more chaotic than normal as I was still tying to finish my first look for project run and play. They were really good at steering clear of the new machine, but still eager to try their hands at sewing. We had a little impromtu crafting session, where I helped them each make little totes. Penelope was more interested in running around with the kids than sewing, so she didn’t make one.

It makes me wonder, when will my kids become interested in sewing? Ever? My interest didn’t really start until I was in ninth grade, our school switched to uniforms and I wore pretty much the same thing every day.

Flat Back in a Snap

flatback-pageclick on image to enlarge

This little eBook has been in the works for nearly nine months. It’s gestated just like a baby sans the vomiting and weight gain.

See, bookbinding isn’t just for conservators with 2,000 square feet of art space and thousands of dollars in tools. It’s very inclusive, so join the club! Bookbinding requires a desk, some floor space and a few inexpensive supplies that you might already have. So here it is; learn to bind a flatback journal—just like the blank books in the bookstore—at home, using regular crafting tools. Get your copy by making a selection and clicking the button below. If you’re not sure about the tools to buy, add the tools eBook for only $2 more!

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