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Candy Pouch Printable


It’s been a while since I’ve done a printable! Sheesh. Well, I’ve got one for y’all today. It’s a candy pouch.

One of the ladies in my neighborhood has not been feeling too well. I was wracking my brain for something cute & thoughtful to do, but all I could think of was to drop by a bunch of packages of Ramen. That’s what makes me feel better. Instead, I think a bright package full of candy might be more on par. It’s a little more thoughtful than stuffing Ramen in a grocery bag. It’s always the thought that counts.

While making this little package I thought I would share with you the pattern & artwork. No need for it to just sit in my harddrive all alone when it can sit on someone else’s too. Right? If you’d like to make your own candy packages like the ones pictured above, here’s what you’ll need:

  • a sewing machine
  • orange thread (or some other coordinating color)
  • bright candy
  • a paper cutter
  • a hole punch
  • matching baker’s twine or ribbon

First, you’ll want to download the artwork (click the download button below) and my post & presents tutorial (click on the last line of the post to download). Then you’ll want to print out the artwork on cardstock. I printed mine at home, but you could easily have this done at your local print shop. Cut off the unprinted edges so the pattern bleeds off the page, then cut the page in half width-wise. Follow the instructions on the post & presents tutorial to make your pouch. Cut out the little tags provided in the download & punch with a hole punch. Use baker’s twine or ribbon to attach the pretty tag & voila. Done. This would be perfect for a party/dinner favor, a little gift for a friend or anything else you can think of. The orange definitely says fall to me, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use this year round. I do hope you enjoy.

This printable is free for personal use and should not be distributed without my consent. If you would like to use this printable for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!

Before & After: Craft Fail, Redemption & a Tutorial


Have any of you noticed how horrible I am at taking half-decent “before” pictures? I should be so ashamed. Then again, a bad “before” photo always makes the “after” photo look so much better.


Ew Gross Before Picture

I’ve had this shirt forever and I swear the neckline just gets lower and lower every time I wear it. Last time I wore it, I thought how great it would be if I did a simple refashion to bring up the neckline. I was going to braid an intricate insert, then I got lazy and decided a cowel neck could be cooler. NOPE. Not at all. It looked like I was wearing a knotted dickie and that put me in a pretty sour mood. I was just about to throw in the towel and proclaim the shirt dead, then my better half (aka Chris) reminded me that there was such a thing as a seam ripper and not all was lost.


Aw cute After Picture

Instead of butchering another neckline I decided to re-enter my comfort zone and refashion the shirt into a dress for Penelope. Isn’t Penelope adorable? These sorts of refashions are a lot of fun, and not very time-consuming. I think I like that shirt so much better on Penelope.

screen-shot-2009-11-19-at-110158-pmHere’s a little preview of the tutorial

I think it’s high time I give you a tutorial on how to do it. Yeah, there are a million other tutorials out there on this type of thing, but this is my take on it. Since natural light is pretty rare around these parts, I thought I’d illustrate each step instead. Let’s be honest, I was really just looking for an excuse to use my new Wacom tablet. Please enjoy the free tutorial. Click on the button below to download.

download here

This tutorial is free for personal use. It cannot be distributed without my written consent. All content is original and exclusive to IS•LY.

You Are So Indie Card II


Show your friends some love! I know y’all think it’s fun to get something other than a bill or an ad in the mail. I think all of you should print this card and send it to someone you think is cool. I sure did (and it wasn’t addressed to me). ;)

You're the leader of the pack

Download the Indie Wolf Card Here

Download the Envelope Template Here

This card was inspired by this wolf shirt, which Chris and I think is super cool. You know what’s even cooler? The card fits perfectly inside the printable envelope I designed a while back. Click on the links above to download the card & envelope.

Petal Box 2.0


I was emailing back and forth with ISLY reader, Cathy, who gave me such a great idea. She had been looking for a box template that she could use for packaging 1 cupcake. I thought I could really use one of those, too, especially since I had also been thinking up a crazy cupcake recipe that used molded chocolate as the cupcake cup. MMM. Chocolate. Seriously, no better time to make a cupcake box than when I’m dying to make cupcakes.


The template is great, the box is fabulous (not just for cupcakes, mind you), the only problem with this template is that you have to print it on either two sheets of 8.5×11 paper and tape the two parts together, OR you have to go somewhere to get it printed on 11×17 paper. While that might be a little inconvenient, it still only takes a few minutes to make the boxes anyway. If I had any parties coming up anytime soon, I would definitely use this idea for favor boxes.


Seriously I’m on a party/wedding kick. I never really satiated my hearty party cravings with Penelope’s birthday. Now that my sister is getting married and I’m helping her out with invitations and inspiration, I’m GOING CRAZY. I want to party! Maybe I should just have a random party anyway. This could also serve some purpose for Father’s day. Oh gosh, it’s coming so quickly.


To download the regular template & instructions, click the button below:

To download the template for 11×17 printers, click the button below:

I’m really happy with this little box. It fits cupcakes perfectly with plenty of room for greedy fingers to take a cupcake out and for the cupcake to be piled high with sugary, sweet frosting. Give it a try! Also, stay tuned as I will be sharing an amazing, almost-better-than-sex, mind-exploding cupcake recipe soon!!

Thanks to Rachel over at One Pretty Thing for featuring this freebie!

This printable is free for personal use and should not be distributed without my consent. If you would like to this for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!

Leaf Pattern Available to Download!


As I have mentioned before, I’m kind of on a pattern kick and last week’s leaf drawing was just begging to become one. Funny story, Chris and I have had our 24″ iMac for just over a year now, Chris has had the same background since then and wasn’t planning on changing it any time soon until he saw the palace blue leaf pattern. I feel incredibly special right now.

Here they are, all available to download in all the Spring 2009 Fashion Trend colors:

dark-citron-leaf-pattern fuchsia-red-leaf-patternlavender-leaf-patternlucite-green-leaf-patternpalace-blue-leaf-patternrose-dust-leaf-patternsalmon-rose-leaf-patternslate-gray-leaf-patternsuper-lemon-leaf-patternvibrant-green-leaf-pattern

Copy and paste any of these graphics onto your desktop and use this pattern for your blog, twitter, or myspace background! Links back to are always appreciated. If you’d like to show off what you’ve done with this graphic,  leave a comment with a link or image showing me how you used this pattern!! ALL IS•LY downloads are available for personal use only. ENJOY!

Super Lemon is my Favorite
I think the super lemon yellow is my favorite. ;)


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